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Zor is a Zeti who is a member of the Deadly Six.



At one point in the past, Dr Eggman invaded their world and enslaved the residing Zeti, including Zazz, with an ancient relic. However, they managed to rebel against the doctor and usurped Eggman's robots with his race's ability of controlling magnetism. The Deadly Six were stopped by Sonic.

The events were chronicled in the Eggnet.

After both Eggman and Sonic left the Lost Hex, Zavok and his group used the Doctor's abandoned base in the Lava Mountain Zone to create Zeti Castle.

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One time at Zeti Castle on the Lost Hex, Zor reported to Zavok that the Eggnet was in chaos due to Dr. Eggman's doings on the planet below. The two Zeti were then met by Starline, who used his warp topaz to get there. He offered the Zeti the opportunity to use their powers to command the zombots in order to help Eggman, and would then be redeemed by Dr. Eggman for what happened in the past. Zavok replied that he would think it over, and when a satisfied Starline left, called Starline as nieve and stated that they would have vengence against Dr Eggman and Sonic.



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Zor's upper body is white, while his body from the waist down is black. He has short, skinny legs with two cyan claws, with a third smaller claw on each heel. Zor has a thin, rat-like tail that is white in coloration. His arms are thin and gangly, while he has five-fingered hands with cyan nails. Unlike most of the other Deadly Six, Zor wears fingerless black gloves on each hand. Zor's head is oblong-shaped, and the majority of it is covered in vibrant purple hair, with one bang covering the right side of his face. Zor has blue eyes with yellow sclera, (which are always angled to give the impression that he is depressed) and black markings around his eyes. He has large purple lips with dark grey freckles above them. On the top of his head Zor has a pair of horns that curve backwards, with an alternating black and cyan coloration.


Zor finds pleasure from the misery of others. Like the rest of the Deadly Six, they fear their leader, Zavok.


Like the other members of the Deadly Six, he has ability to manipulate electromagnetism with his mind.


  • Zor, along with the rest of the Deadly Six, first appeared in Sonic Lost World.