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Zombots were former animals that have been transformed into robotic servants by Dr. Eggman's metal virus.



Dr. Eggman had developed the plans for the virus some time before his defeat at the Imperial City, although he had not yet tsted it yet. After gaining amnesia and recovering from it later, he decided to enact that plan and began to test the metal virus on other wildlife.

Initial tests

After Eggman's memories restored, he decided to re-enact his latest project, which involved the use of a metal virus that converts its victims into robotic slaves.

The first seen zombot (not yet named as such) was a Pocky that Dr. Eggman infected with the metal virus.


After being notified about Sonic and Amy's intrusion in his echo mine base, he then sent Rough and Tumble to deal with the intruders, giving the skunk brothers a drilling mech. The Doctor also gave them backpacks which, unknown by the skunks, contained the metal virus, only informing them to press the button if Sonic defeats them.

After Amy and Sonic wrecked Rough and Tumble's vehicle, the skunks pressed the buttons on their backpack, expecting being givren some sort of edge against Sonic. To their surprise, they got themselves covered in the Metal virus goo. Their surprise turned to horror when it began to assimilate them and turned them into the first zombots converted from anthropomorph animals.

Despite not being able to damage and injure these "zombots", Sonic knocked them down into one of the mines chasm, hoping that they won't be able to do much harm there. However, Sonic ended up getting infected by the virus.

Some time after vewing the fight between the skunks and Sonic, Dr. Eggman decided to launch his new "Faceship" intending the inhabitants Windmill Village, to be the first victims, due to his humiliation as Mr. Tinker. After giving off a speech that "no good deed goes unpunished", he dumped the metal virus matter omnto the village. Elder Scruffy tried to save a child from being infected, but ultimately, both them, and the inhabitants of the village became the first townspeople to be infected.

Crisis City and The Darkest Hour

Whilst Eggman began deploying the virus in other areas, the already transformed zombots began to wander in order to spread the infection, just as Dr. Eggman wanted. All the fully infected zombots began to wander out of their homes in order to further spread the metal virus. Eventually, the zombots eventually spread to Sunset City. During the late night radio show hosted by Nite the Owl, he received a concerning call from Gala the Hound, who said that she is seeing people acting really weird and coming towards her. The Owl then not only broadcasted a warning to he city's civilians to evactuate to the grand Flicky hotel, and also notified the Restoration of the imminent problem.

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The Last Minute and The Catalyst

Flock Together

Big's Fishing Adventure

All or Nothing


Fully converted victims have a metallic shade of their previous colour. They also feature red eyes and claws.

Powers and Abilities


Despite a decrease in their intelligence, as well as their lack of being able to speak, they have enhanced strength, as well as grow claws . The bodies of the zombots are also able to reconstruct themselves.

Those infected that originally had the ability to fly, such as Flickies and Chaos, retain this ability, potentially increasing the spread of the virus infection.

Because they are transformed into robots, they cannot feel hunger.


Despite being able to spread the metal virus by touch, they are unable to infect energy, such as wisps when they are used in the wispons.

With the data of Sonic's bio-reader and the use of his computer in his lab, Tails was able to invent a cure for the virus. Unfortunately, the data containing the cure was lost after the Zombots managed to sucessfuly break into the lab.

Sonic's transformation into Super Sonic, totally cured him of his infection, thus he was no longer in danger of becoming a zombot.

Sonic was able to knock the Zombots Rough and Tumble down into a steep chasm, and they remained trapped there during their infected state.

List of infected characters


  • The design of the zombots were inspired by the alternate skins for Team Sonic in Sonic Heroes. [1]
  • Both Cheese and Chocola's bear a resemblance to the Dark Chao as zombots
  • Bracardi Curry designed Shadow's zombot appearance. The design was based off of the shadow androids in the Shadoiw the hedgehog video game.[2][3]


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