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Zeti Castle is a fortress in the Lava Mountain Zone on Lost Hex that was created from an abandoned base of Dr. Eggman's, which has been refashioned into the Deadly Six's abode.


Sonic the Hedgehog issue 21

Starline interrupts Zor and Zavok's discussion to ask for their help, or at least the help of their powers to control the Zombots. In exchange they would have the opportunity to get revenge on Sonic and Eggman, Zavok accepts and Starline leaves. Zor and his leader then talk behind his back saying he is making a big mistake asking them.

Sonic the Hedgehog issue 22

Zavok goes to get the other Zetis to tell them about the golden opportunity but none of them seem happy, which Zeena points out who gets yelled at. The plans are launched, some self the thought of others

Sonic the Hedgehog issue 23

Master Zik and Zavok discuss and Starline returns. Zavok gave him a demonstration of his powers, explaining that he could do this with more than a hundred robots. Starline, convinced, leaves, leaving Zavok and his master to rejoice.