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The Zeti were a race of aliens that lived on the Lost Hex. The Deadly Six were a group that were of that race. They were noted to have magnetic based powers.



Some time in the past, Dr. Eggman invaded Lost Hex, and forced the Zeti known as the Deadly Six to work with him, through the use of the fabled Caophonic Conch. The Zeti turned the tables on Eggman after losing posession of the Conch, leading to Sonic and friends to defeat the Zeti before they conquered Sonic's home planet.


Sometime after their defeat, the Zeti made use of the Dr. Eggman's abandoned base and equipment to create a castle in the Lava Mountain Zone.

After looking at Eggman's old journals about his encounter with the Deadly Six, Dr. Starline took interest in the Zeti's use their magnetic, manipulation to control robots, Dr Starline decided to make contact with the deadly Six to help the Doctor with regaining control of the Zombots. After their leader, Zavok agreed to Dr. Starline;s proposal, they appeared via Starline's warp topaz onto the Dr. Eggman's faceship. The Zeti then snatched Starline's conch and wrested control of the faceship and the means of manufacturing more of the metal virus. With each of them grabbing a chaos emerald for themselves, with the exception of one to power the faceship, all the Zeti, except for Zavok were to go out and control the zombots, as well as to coninue spreading the metal virus. Zavok, whilst also equipping hismelf with a chaos emerald, chose to remain on the ship.

With the help of Dr. Eggman, Sonic, the Restoration and the Babylon Rogues, they split up to find and defeat each Zeti, in order to recover the chaos emeralds they held.

The formed coalition were then able to defeat a super-powered Zavok, before purging the metal virus. Whilst a de-powered Zavok was defeated and incarcerated in Everhold Prison, the members of his group escaped.



Despite being able to use their magnetic based powers to control the zombots, they are unable to control a large number of the zombots, rely on the power of a chaos emerald to boost their control. Despite being able to control the zombots, they are by no means immune to being infected, and become Zombots themselves.

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