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Zazz is a Zeti who is a member of the Deadly Six.




At one point in the past, Dr Eggman invaded their world and enslaved the residing Zeti, including Zazz, with an ancient relic. However, they managed to rebel against the doctor and usurped Eggman's robots with his race's ability of controlling magnetism. The Deadly Six were stopped by Sonic.

The events were chronicled in the Eggnet.

After both Eggman and Sonic left the Lost Hex, Zavok and his group used the Doctor's abandoned base in the Lava Mountain Zone to create Zeti Castle.

Metal virus crisis

Dr. Starline found the files of when Dr Eggman encountered the Zeti, as well as being interest in their electromagnetic abilities.


Master Zik is the oldest of the Zeti.


Like the other members of the Deadly Six, he has ability to manipulate electromagnetism with his mind.


  • Zazz, along with the rest of the Deadly Six, first appeared in Sonic Lost World.
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