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Zavok is a Zeti who is the leader of the Deadly Six.




At one point in the past, Dr Eggman invaded their world and enslaved the residing Zeti, including Zavok, with an ancient relic. However, they managed to rebel against the doctor and usurped Eggman's robots with his race's ability of controlling magnetism. The Deadly Six were stopped by Sonic, including Zavok despite using his giant form. The events surrounding this was chronicled in the Eggnet.

After both Eggman and Sonic left the Lost Hex, Zavok and his group used the Doctor's abandoned base in the Lava Mountain Zone to create Zeti Castle.

Metal virus crisis

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Dr. Starline found the files of when Dr Eggman encountered the Zeti, as well as being interest in their electromagnetic abilities. He then decidd to contact contact them in order to help Dr. Eggman into reigning control of the Zombots, which Eggman was losing control of.

The Zeti then overthrew Eggman off the faceship by using their electromagnetic abilities to control metal Sonic, and overthrew Eggman from control of the faceship, as well as taking seven of the chaos emeralds powering the ship to augment each of the Deadly Sixes abilities to control the large number of zombots. While Zavok took command of the Faceship, the other Zeti went to different places to reign over the residing zombots.

Imprisonment and liberation

Zavok ended up imprisoned in Everhold Prison in the maximum security area alongside Mimic, Rough and Tumble. Starline liberated Zavok, Mimic and the skunk brothers claiming that he wanted help in taking down Eggman. Despite having been assigned the leader of his new group, Zavok was suspicious about the Doctor's motives, but with the ruse for the time being. (Sonic the Hedgehog: Bad Guys: #1)

Regrouping and Exile

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Zavok was a red Zeti with a black lower torso and black horns on both sides of his head. He also has small black spikes on his body circuling around his neck area.


The only thing that Zavok is close to loyal to is with the Deadly Six, which he leads. Moreover, he treats the elderly Zeti, Master Zik, as a favored mentor.

During the alliance with Dr. Starline, Zavok is the most suspicious of the others who question Starline's motives, a feeling that he mutually shares with fellow villain Mimic.

He is shown to be very vengeful to his enemies. He holds a large grudge against both Dr Eggman for the humiliation for enaslaving them, as well as to the one who defeated him: Sonic.

He has also attempted to offering some advice to Starline to stand out from the shadow of his idol, Dr. Eggman.

Despite his temper, he is shown to be calm and calculating, patiently biding his time for the ideal time to strike out.


Like the other members of the Deadly Six, he has ability to manipulate electromagnetism with his mind. Like all of the other Zeti, he was able to use just one chaos emerald to augment his powers to control the massive army of Zombots. In addition, he was also shown to be able to make himself into a giant, thanks to the powers of the chaos emerald.

Zavok, empowered by his chaos emerald

Giant Zavok

Unlike the other Zeti, Zavok is able increase his size to become a giant as well as shoot fireballs from his mouth. It is unknown how much of this transformation was enhanced with his chaos emerald.


Giant Zavok

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By attaching a chaos emerald to himself via a special harness, Zavok could boost his magnetism control, thuis he can control a large horde of zombots at once.

With the use of a strength power core, Zavok increases his already considerable strength and durability.






  • Zavok, along with the rest of the Deadly Six, first appeared in Sonic Lost World. He has since also returned in both Sonic Team Racing and in Sonic Forces (although it was a duplicate from the phantom ruby)
  • Zavok's threat level was described as 10 out of ten. (Sonic the Hedgehog: Bad Guys #2, Roll Call)