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Windmill Village is a location on Sonic’s World. It first appeared on the last page of Sonic the Hedgehog #4, but otherwise was mostly shown in Sonic the Hedgehog issue #5. It was only named in Sonic the Hedgehog issue #13.


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The village is known for its name-sake windmill. In addition, the village can be accessed by a lift.


The Arrival of Mr. Tinker

Shortly after the end of the war between the Eggman Empire and the Resistance[1][2], Dr. Eggman appeared in this village without warning. While unsure of how Eggman had survived, the villagers had him locked up immediately. The next day, however, they discovered that he had broken out of his cell, only to reinforce it. The villagers thus spent the next days questioning and testing Eggman, only for him to not show any trace of his villainous ways. Eventually, the village accepted the new helpful Eggman, taking him in and nursing his wounds, and Eggman repaid their kindness by repairing anything they brought him, both big and small. (StH: #5)


Some time after that, Dr Tinker showed his latest creation Belle the Tinkerer to the townsfolk. At first they were a bit nervous around the wooden robot , but warmed up to her.

Sonic, the Chaotix, Mr. Tinker, and the villagers enjoying a laugh.

Thanks to an anonymous tip on the whereabouts of Dr. Eggman, the Chaotix of the Chaotix Detective Agency called upon Sonic the Hedgehog to show him the situation. After following Espio the Chameleon to the town, Sonic met up with Charmy Bee, who introduced him to the children of the village and shortly after, with Vector the Crocodile skeptically looking on, a merry Eggman dressed in casual work clothes going by the name of "Mr. Tinker". Sonic and the Chaotix discussed what they should do, and the head of the village then showed up, and said that he wanted Sonic, as the famous hero, to be the judge of Eggman, although not without hearing what he had to say. The head of the village then explained how Eggman had appeared in their village and what had happened. After some more conversing, a terrified villager came running, screaming that Badniks were coming in from the south. Shooting the head of the village an annoyed look, Sonic had the Chaotix handle the Badniks while he confronted Eggman. When Sonic got to the house that Eggman was in, however, he found a scared Eggman trying to build a barricade for the village's children, whom he gently tried to keep calm and assured. He then begged Sonic, whose name he did not know, to help defend the village, admitting in an ashamed manner that he was too afraid to fight himself. Upon seeing this, Sonic told "Mr. Tinker" that he just had to worry about keeping the children safe while he helped the Chaotix smash the Badniks. Together, Sonic and the Chaotix defeated the Badniks, which consisted of Antons and Hoverby as well as a Flapper that a mysterious entity was using to spy through. After some more conversing, Sonic and Mr. Tinker became friends, with Mr. Tinker being allowed to stay in the village. Just as Sonic prepared to leave however, Mr. Tinker told him that he hoped he would come back to visit, as he would love to show him Eggman Land once it was complete. This mention of Eggman's personal theme park caught the interest of Sonic, who began questioning whether or not Eggman's amnesia was genuine. Before anyone else could do anything however, Sonic, Mr. Tinker, and the Chaotix noticed Shadow the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat standing on the rooftops, with the former stating that he would destroy Eggman to ensure that he would never menace the world with Eggman Land again. (StH: #5)

The Chaotix fail to stop Shadow in Windmill Village.

Sonic tried to tell shadow that it was not what it looked like, but Rouge told him to talk fast, since Shadow was stubborn. Mr. Tinker tried to explain what he assumed was the situation, to which Sonic whispered to Shadow that Mr. Tinker had no recollection of being Dr. Eggman. With Shadow still convinced that he should eliminate Mr. Tinker, Sonic attempted to keep getting in his way. As a result, the two began fighting, and Sonic lead the fight outside of Windmill Village. Although the Chaotix had wanted to help, they realized that they would not be able to keep up with Sonic and Shadow, and so they turned their attention to Rouge. Vector blamed Rouge for bringing Shadow to the village, but Rouge revealed to them that she was the one who gave them the anonymous tip in an attempt to get them to verify the situation and call in Sonic before she arrived with Shadow. Eventually, Shadow has arrived back in the village via Chaos Control, and used it once again to pass the Chaotix, who were attempting to prevent him from getting to Mr. Tinker. Shadow confirmed with Rouge that he had discussed things with Sonic first and told Mr. Tinker to show him Eggman Land. Once he revealed it was an indoor amusement park for the children of the village and that the name simply came to him, Shadow took his leave, with Rouge following after promising the Chaotix that they could keep the finder's fee for locating Dr. Eggman. Sonic then promised Mr. Tinker that he would be back to visit and left the village. (StH: #6)


After Mr. Tinker opened his amusement park, he was kidnapped by Rough and Tumble who brought him to the Final Egg. (StH: #11) Here, Dr. Starline restored Mr. Tinker's memory and gave him the seven Chaos Emeralds. (StH: #13) Soon after that, Dr. Eggman created the Metal Virus and began to first spread it onto Windmill Village for their kindness when he was Mr. Tinker, turning all his residents into Zombots. (StH: #16)


After everyone was cured by the metal virus, the townspeople at Windmill village began to dismantle all the creations of Dr. Tinker. They also shooed away Belle , beleiving her to be a spy robot.

Notable Residents

Notable locations

  • The "Eggman Land" indoor amusement park
  • Community center
  • Windmill

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