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The White Park Chateau was a large building in the White Park Zone.


Chao Races and Badnik Bases

Amy, Rouge, Cream, Cheese and Gemerl came to White Park Grand Chateau to take part in the White Park Chao Racing Circuit and trade spare robot parts from Clutch for Omega. After they managed to enroll Cheese for the competition and pass the qualification round, Clutch invited Rouge to his penthouse suite to talk shop. There, he made her an offer: if Cheese won the race tomorrow, he would give Rouge anything she wanted from his collection in exchange for Cheese. Although Rouge said she would think about it and left, she secretly intended not to give up Cheese and made a plan with Omega to turn the tables on Clutch. Moments later, Rouge stumbled upon a mysterious figure in the Chateau's hall, who surprised her when he revealed himself to be Dr. Starline.[1][2] Starline proceeded to hypnotize Rouge into forgetting their encounter while also planting a subliminal suggestion in her mind that would compel her to kidnap Tails for him later.[2] Later, on the roof, Shadow encountered the hooded Starline, who managed to knock him off the roof when he chased after them.[1]

The next morning, Amy and Cream met up for breakfast in the White Park Grand Chateau, where Rouge joined them. The three of them then went on to the next rounds of Chao Races, while Shadow decided to pay a visit to Clutch after having found his business card on the hooded figure. In Clutch's suite, Shadow discovered the cage in which Clutch kept his Chao that had lost their races. He also found Omega, who revealed Rouge's plan to him. In the meantime, Cheese managed to beat Clutch's Dark Chao in the day's final race and qualify for the semifinals. Rouge and her team then visited Clutch in his apartment and tried to deceive him by pretending that they wanted to trade Cheese for robots parts. However, Shadow then suddenly showed up, knocked of Clutch and showed everyone the Chao's cage. Upon seeing them, Cream asked Gemerl to help her free the trapped Chao.[3] Meanwhile, Rouge called Sonic and Tails, asking them specifically that Sonic was dropped off at the chateau while Tails met up with Rouge elsewhere.[3][2] As arranged, Sonic came to the White Park Grand Chateau, albeit with Belle the Tinkerer in tow. At the chateau, Sonic and Belle were brought to Clutch's suite by Amy. There, Belle would help Cream try to free the Chao while Sonic left to get Rouge and Tails. After Sonic left though, Clutch recovered and activated the Badniks in his suite and had them attack the heroes before escaping himself. Amy in particular would face a tough Snowy. Meanwhile, an avalanche above the chateau was triggered by Starline.[2]

As the fight went on in the chateau, Cream convinced Clutch's Chao to help her allies after they freed by Belle. After the heroes had destroy the Badniks however, Tails and Rouge arrived at the chateau and warned them of the incoming avalanche. After that, they took the parts they needed for Omega and evacuated the guests to the upper floor of the chateau. However, Dr. Starline tried to block the heroes' path in an attempt to make them hand Tails over to him. Instead, Rouge and Amy fought Starline until he gave them the slip and lunged at Tails, who repelled him with Belle's aid. After that, Starline got buried by the avalanche he had created when it hit the chateau. Because the chateau had been built to withstand such natural disasters though, nobody got hurt when the avalanche impacted the chateau.[4]


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