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Wave the Swallow is an purple anthropomorphic swallow who was a member of the Babylon Rogues.


Bonds of Friendship

Jet the Hawk and his crew used their Extreme Gear to perform a quick heist on the Mineral Museum, notably using the Gears as a quick getaway towards their Blimp.

All or nothing

Sonic the Hedgehog issue 25

She and the Babylon Rogues are called by Amy to help them, she is the only one who really agrees to But the group ends up accepting. They are sent to Winterburg against Zik to retrieve her Emerald, but the zeti takes control of the Type-W and attacks her with her own extreme gear and she is surrounded by zombots.

Sonic the Hedgehog issue 27

Wave defends herself as best she can with her giant adjustable wrench and she takes the opportunity to steal her emerald and pass it to Jet to bring it back, but since he had to come back alone, he asks Storm to throw the Type-J using Type-S and fight alongside them.

Out of the blue

Sonic the Hedgehog issue 31

She and Storm enjoy the Spiral Hill Village party despite Jet groaning. But during an attack by Eggman on the restoration, Jet thinks of stealing all the diamonds and jewels they can find in the treasury, but what was her surprise to see Rouge already there, Wave, she , did not look surprised.


Wave is a purple swallow with long hair. She is often dressed in a croc top, a large jogging and a white scarf and big oval and yellow glasses on the scarf, which she only puts on in the race


a thief but the smartest of the three in her group, she can be reasonable, but above all very clever and mischievous.


she is able to build anything and everything, she can use her giant adjustable wrench and her extreme gear, the Type-W


Jet the hawk

She admires him for everything (except for his self-centeredness) for her, Jet is the best.



. Vector


. Cheese

. Cream

. Charmy

. Rouge

. Gemerl

. Omega

. Tangle

. Whisper

. Amy




  • Sonic the Hedgehog Annual 2019