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This unnamed snowman mech was a large humanoid battle mech built and operated by Dr. Eggman. It appears in Sonic the Hedgehog #41.


Knowing that the Deadly Six are on the loose, Dr. Eggman decides to go hunting for them. From his base in Winterburg, he deploys this mech. However, his search for the Deadly Six is interrupted by Sonic the Hedgehog and the two old adversaries fight.

Whilst Sonic and Eggman are fighting, Master Zik is watching from the shadows. Rather than watching the fight to its conclusion, he begins rounding up the other Zeti.

The full fight between Sonic and this mech is not shown, but the mech is presumably destroyed as Sonic is next seen charging into Eggman's base and blowing it up, with the doctor retreating in his Egg Mobile afterwards.


This mech has a humanoid appearance with the body of the machine resembling a snowman's head, with black hemispheres resembling pieces of coal for the mouth and eyes. The arms and legs of the machine are made from spherical segments. The Egg Mobile, which serves as the control center for the mecha, is housed in a cradle in the body. Situated above the cockpit is what appears to be a large bucket adorned with the Eggman Empire symbol and a large snowflake.


The full capabilities of this mech are not shown, but can be determined by some of its physical attributes. The machine's left arm ends with a snowflake-shaped buzzsaw which is shown in use against Sonic. Its right arm appears to end in a barrel for a ranged weapon, most likely some kind of ice-launcher. It is possible that the large bucket that the snowman mech carries is an ammunition tank for the weapon.

The legs of the snowman mech appear to have Star Bumpers attached to the knees, which would serve to deflect Sonic should he attack them.

Finally, the carrot nose on the snowman mech's face may be a drill, or it may simply be a decoration.


  • It is unclear if the snowman mech was EM-shielded, which Eggman would likely need if he intended to battle the Deadly Six. Of course, this becomes a moot point since Sonic destroys the mecha before Eggman gets the chance to use it against the Deadly Six.