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Surge the Tenrec is one of the artificial creatures created by Dr. Starline alongside Kitsunami the Fennec as part of his plan to conquer the world by replacing it's heroes with powerful villains under his control.


Starline's plan

Both Surge the Tenrec and Kitsunami the Fennec were kidnapped by Dr. Starline as part of his plan to enact Operation: Remaster. The two were enhanced using purely internal cybernetic enhancements, Power Cores, as well as a safe version of the Metal Virus to supplement the cybernetics on a cellular level, given the bio-data of Sonic and Shadow obtained from Neo Metal Sonic, DNA from Tails, and the emotional data from the unique robot, Belle the Tinkerer to allow for re-programming of their personalities. Surge's cybernetics gave her electro-magnetic propulsion.

Trial by fire

The Imposter Syndrome


Surge is an anthropomorphic tenrec of average height. She possesses mostly bright green fur with a patch of black fur on her face and eyelids, and angular blue-green eyes. She has a peach muzzle with a medium-long black nose, upturned sideburns on each side of her head, peach-skinned arms, and several spiky quills that she keeps in a ponytail by a black hairband with six metal studs on top of her head, leaving her quills turned forward. She also has a tuff for a tail, notable shark teeth, and tall, vertical and flat ears on top of her head.

For attire, she wears two metal earrings on each of her ears, a black shirt with torn-off sleeves, white gloves that possess visible lining with black cuffs that possess six metal studs, a metal ring on each of her index and ring fingers, and yellow baggy pants with black stripes down the sides that are held up by a black belt with a metal circular buckle. Her shoes have yellow flares with double spikes to make them appear that give them a ripped appearance while the back of the shoes are white. Two white straps can be found on the yellow section of the shoes, which also has black toes, black soles with two metal plates embedded and metal studs on the edges.



Surge is able to maneuver at high speeds like Sonic, alongside being able to preform a Spin Dash.

Surge’s most notable ability is being able to generate electricity of varying degrees.


Dr. Starline

Dr. Starline is Surge's creator. However, she appears completely unaware of this fact due to her memories having been fabricated from scratch by Starline. Instead, Surge thinks that Starline merely gave her the powers she currently wields for the purpose of destroying Sonic.

Being as brash and impatient as she is, Surge does not like Starline's overcautious approach towards realizing their goals and will not hesitate to threaten him violently when she gets fed up with his attitude. She similarly does not respect his instructions due to her independence, having noted that he "ain't the boss of [her]". Rather, she sees him as the tech support and "idea-guy", which she considers a dime a dozen.

Upon realizing that he had done more to her that she has realized, Surge has begun mistrusting Starline's intentions and now seeks to make him pay for what he had done to her.

Kitsunami the Fennec

Kit is Surge's partner, the two of them having been created to make up for each other's shortcomings. However, their partnership is nothing but a farce, as both Surge and Kit have been programmed with false memories and motivations for helping each other by Starline in order to make their teamwork more effective. As such, when they think closely about it, both Surge and Kit are unsure and confused about why they even care about each other and why they are compelled to helping each other out.

Kit is usually quite polite towards Surge, as he addresses her as "ma'am". Whatever Surge wishes, it is also what Kit wants, and he will do everything to make her pleased. Although Surge is not necessarily touched by his attention and kindness, she will occasionally show appreciation for Kit's devotion to her. Most of the time though, Surge tends to dominate Kit with her bravado and feisty spirit, and she expects him to cover her when needed, being nothing more than her support unit.

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