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Spiral Hill Village is the hometown of Tangle the Lemur.


Fallout and Big's Big Adventure

The defeated Buzz Bomber battleship outside of the town.

Shortly after the end of the war between the Eggman Empire and the Resistance[1][2], this town found itself under the attack of various Badniks. One of the town's residents, Tangle the Lemur, helped fend off the attacks. When Sonic the Hedgehog arrived, Badniks were being deployed by a battleship variant of Buzz Bomber. Sonic and Tangle teamed up to take down the various Egg Pawns and giant-sized Moto Bugs, and Blaze the Cat also winded up appearing in the town from her home world thanks to the Sol Emeralds. Together, the three of them dispatched of the Badniks. After the ensuing conversation, greetings included, Blaze decided to see to it that the fires in the village were quelled and asked Tangle to show her where she was needed. Utterly amazed by Blaze, Tangle agreed to it. As she departed, Blaze left Sonic to look for the ringleader behind the Badnik attacks. Bidding farewell to the girls, Sonic took a very brief breather before hitting the road again. (StH: #4)

Bonds of Friendship

Eventually, Tangle met her new friend Whisper the Wolf when the latter paid a visit to Spiral Hill Village. While showing Whisper around the village, the two of them paid a visit to Jewel in the Mineral Museum. Soon after though, Whisper noticed that something was afoot in the village. (SA2019)

Tangle and Whisper

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After her adventure involving defeating Neo Metal Sonic, Tangle arrived back to the village. One day, an overexcited Tangle asks her fellow villagers in Spiral Hill Village for a race, but accidentally knocks into Ron's chilli dog stand. Later on, Tangle is recovering at the Mineral Museum talking to her friend Jewel. Tangle explains to Jewel her past adventures and how her normal life in her village now looks boring. Tangle suddenly notices a flash of an outline from the museum's door, resembling Sonic, being chased by blaster fire. Tangle rushes out of the Door, seeing that it was Whisper that was the one that was firing.

Tangle catches up to Sonic, who tells her that Whisper is under control by Dr. Eggman through a control chip in her mask. Later on, Sonic pruposefully stands in the alley, while Whisper is looking through her sights The being that resembles Sonic lets his guise shift for a moment. Tangle ambushes Whisper taking off her mask, believing that she saved the day. Whisper tells her that her mask was not controlled. back at the mineral museum, Whisper reveals that it was the work of a shapeshifter called Mimic, who had a background history with Whisper, and that the reports of a sonic- look-alike was performing bad deeds to discredit Sonic. Tangle becomes excited about having another adventure with Whisper, who responds with a simple no. However, Whisper gets persuaded otherwise by her companion wisps. Head a sound from the front door, Tangle opens the front door to reveal a dagger with a not embedded in it. The message is from Mimic, who reveals that they have been chasing each other in circles for too long, revealing his whereabouts.

The Catalyst

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Some time the president of the Sonic fan club ran into Jewel the beetle in the village, asking for Tangle's help.

Jewel went with the fan president to the farm area. They both saw the "vice preseident who was surrounded by a metallic liquid.

The last Minute and Untold Tales of the Metal Virus

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Spiral Hill Village is a relatively small but quaint town situated on top of a tall hill with rather steep sides. The only way up is along a staircase that leads up alongside the hill. Despite its small size though, the village includes several residential houses, a clocktower, shops, businesses, and institutions.

Notable buildings

  • Salon
  • Mineral Museum
  • Bakery

Notable Residents

Background Information