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Sonic the Hedgehog: The IDW Collection, Vol. 2 is a product released by IDW Publishing and is the second part of the Sonic the Hedgehog: The IDW Collection series. The set contains the reprinted versions of issues #13-#17 from the IDW Sonic the Hedgehog comic series Infection and Crisis City arcs, as well as the 2019 Annual and the four-parter Tangle & Whisper series.

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Oversized hardcovers editions of IDW's celebrated Sonic the Hedgehog comic books, including the ongoing series, annuals, and mini-series, all presented in recommended reading order!
Vol. 2 collects issues #13-17 from volumes 4 and 5 (Infection And Crisis City) of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, the 2019 Annual, and the Tangle and Whisper four-issue mini-series.

Reprinted Stories

IDW Series Sonic the Hedgehog #13 - #17

Sonic the Hedgehog Volume 4: Infection

Main Articles:

Sonic the Hedgehog Volume 5: Crisis City

Main Articles:

Sonic the Hedgehog Annual 2019

Sonic the Hedgehog: Tangle & Whisper


  • Recommended reading order by author Ian Flynn.
  • Oversized
  • Hardcover
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