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Sonic’s World, or simply The World, is the planet within Sonic's Dimension, on which Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends live. It’s constantly under threat from Dr. Eggman, who intends to conquer the world, making the whole thing a part of the Eggman Empire.

The inhabitents of this world have primarily been shown to be anthropomorphic animals (that is, animals with humanoid appearances), though human beings may also live there, with Dr. Eggman being the only known example.



The planet has been terrorised by the Eggman Empire for quite some time. For as long as that has been the case, Sonic the Hedgehog, the fastest thing alive, has been around to combat the doctor at every turn, thwarting any world-conquering plan that comes his way.

Sonic and his closest friends have had numerous adventures in their ongoing battle, which includes, but is certainly not limited to the following:

Eggman went up against Sonic in a mech known as the Egg Viper. (StH: #1)

Afterwards, Eggman used the Space Colony ARK to blow up the moon. His usage of the ARK would ultimately put the world in danger of being destroyed, forcing the doctor to team up with the heroes to prevent that from happening. (StH: #5, #6)

Sonic would soon have to battle the doctor once again, this time in the latters latest mech, the Egg Emperor. (StH: #1)

Sonic and Eggman would find themselves working together yet again when the Black Arms invaded the planet. (StH: #6)

But Eggman would return to his evil ways again when he split the planet apart. (StH: #5)

Later, Sonic rescued Planet Wisp, the alien planet home to the friendly Wisps. (StH: #3)

Later still, Sonic battled against the mysterious monster, the Time Eater. (StH: #5)

The Wisps would go on to repay Sonic’s heroics, by helping him out on the Lost Hex. (StH: #3)


At some point in time, Dr. Eggman, with the help of his new minion, Infinite, Sonic was sent to Dr. Eggman's orbital prison. With the blue hedgehog gone, Eggman began to gradual take over the world. Sonic's friends, however, formed the Resistance enlisting the animal citizens and with the use of wispons to fight backl against Dr. Eggman's robotic army.

Echo Mine was where Eggman's prisoners were working, but he Resistance freed them, though a fair number of lives were lost in the process.

Sonic was eventually recovered, taking part in the final showndown against the mad doctor. Sonic was victorious, with no sign of the Doctor and was presumed either missing or deceased.

Post Eggman-War

With Dr. Eggman gone, the resistance began the task to restore the ruined cities like Sunset City. The Dr. Eggman's badniks were left leaderless and wandered aimlessly.

Sonic wandered around the villages in order to mop up the badniks.

Meanwhile, in Imperial City, Metal Sonic was activated after completing its upgrade into Neo Metal Sonic. It awoke in the ruins of the city. With no Eggman around, Neo used his shapeshifting abilities to pose as Dr. Eggman, while still actively searching for the Doctor. With Metal as leader, the badniks gradually began to have direction.

Metal Virus Crisis

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Sonic entered the form of Super Sonic after he and Silver (who became Super Silver) acquired the final Chaos Emerald from a giant Zavok. Super Sonic proceeded to beat back Zavok, forcing him back down to his normal form. To get rid of the Metal Virus around the world, Super Sonic used the Warp Topaz to open a Super Warp Portal and Super Silver used his enhanced psychokinesis to remove the virus from every infected living thing on the planet. Super Sonic had opened the portal up to the sun, where the virus was immediately destroyed. As the Warp Topaz began to spin out of control, the duo flew around the world several times at super sonic speed, removing more Metal Virus at a faster pace. Once Super Silver detected that there was no more Metal Virus left, Super Sonic decided to throw the Warp Topaz away through the Super Warp Portal. However, due to the extreme instability of the Warp Topaz, this action backfired and instead created an explosion (that Sonic disappeared through) that subsequently caused a distorted green gate of energy in the sky.

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Background Information

One World or Two?

Various incarnations of Sonic’s world have existed across different media, many with different interpretations of their relation to the "real world". The version of the world depicted in the IDW continuity bares a closer resemblance to the world as depicted in the video games.

That being said, the exact nature of Sonic’s world in the games has always been a subject of debate, with confusion derived from the drastic changes in setting between games: various games appear to be set on a world that is more in tune with nature, with inhabitants mostly consisting of anthropomorphic animals like Sonic himself, with Eggman being the only human to appear. Several other games, on the other hand, are set in a world vastly similar to the real world, with big cities inhabited by large numbers of humans, with the only anthropomorphic animals appearing being the main characters.

Many fans believe that the contrasting settings are merely different areas of the same planet, with certain areas being inhabited by more humans than anthros, and vice versa, with parts of the planet colonized while others remain rural. This interpretation appears to have inspired how the world was depicted in the post-Super Genesis Wave timeline of the Archie Comics series.

Sonic Team producer, Takeshi Iizuka, however, has stated in interviews that he believes the settings to be two different worlds-one inhabited by humans, and one inhabited by anthros. It’s unclear whether Iizuka-San meant the worlds are literally two different planets with an unspecified connection (a concept previously used in the anime series Sonic X), or two different societies existing on the same world (like the above fan theory).[1] Sonic PR manager Aaron Webber has stated that he believes the former explanation to be the case (to his understanding), although former SEGA Europe community manager Kevin Eva disagrees with the former. [2]

Several pieces of evidence across various Sonic games both support and debunk the "two planets" theory. Sonic Unleashed, a game in which Sonic travels to various places across the planet, features a full world map, with several locations that draw heavy inspiration from the real life planet Earth, with all of the inhabitants being humans, (excluding the main characters themselves). Later in Sonic Forces, a different world map is shown: this one contains a completely different geography to the Unleashed map, with all locations visited being the more rural locations most associated with the anthropomorphic characters, who are also depicted as being the main inhabitants this time around. This would indeed imply that the settings are two different planets.

On the other hand, several maps (or small sections of maps) have appeared in other Sonic games that appear inconsistent with the aforementioned two: Sonic Adventure 2 (a game with an Earth-like setting, with mainly human inhabitants) has its own in-game map of all key locations, all of which do not appear to match up with anything on the Unleashed map. Additionally, some games have shown maps that are either directly or loosely based on the real life planet Earth (a direct recreation appears in Shadow the Hedgehog, while an almost identical one appears in Sonic Riders).

Furthermore, the game Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood is the only game thus far that attempts to merge the two settings, with an overworld that features such Sonic-oriented locations as Green Hill Zone alongside human locations like Station Square. This games canonicity is questionable however.

IDW Sonic writer Ian Flynn has confirmed that the "two worlds" concept is the canon one for this series, although, like with Iizuka-San’s claim, it’s unclear what the exact meaning is.

Until canon evidence to the contrary appears, IDW Sonic Hub shall consider the two settings to be a single planet.