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The Sol Emeralds are seven differently colored gem stones that originate from an alternate dimension, and are guarded by Blaze the Cat. Believed to be their native dimensions equivalent to the Chaos Emeralds, they are known to have a connection to, and an unspoken understanding with their guardian, who claimed could “feel their will”. The emeralds are also capable of granting immense power to their guardian, allowing Blaze to transform in Burning Blaze. They were described by Sonic to be "smaller than the chaos Emeralds, but fiery".



Approximately one month after the war ended, Blaze arrived in Sonic’s dimension with the gems in her possession. Blaze informed Sonic that their will had instructed the princess to come to Sonic’s world to help prevent a “terrible event” that was about to occur, believed to be Eggman’s total takeover, which Blaze ended up being “about seven months late” for. Nonetheless, Blaze decided to remain in Sonic’s world in the event her services were indeed required.(StH: #4)

This wait would pay off when Neo Metal Sonic rose up after the war to take over Angel Island. Battling alongside the reformed Resistance, Blaze used the emeralds to assume her Burning Blaze transformation. (StH: #9)

After the Battle against Master Overlord, Blaze returned to her dimension with the Sol Emeralds.