First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #4

Statistics and Overview
  • Offense
  • Traversing

Slide along a destructive path straight through multiple enemies ahead.


A Slide is a technique where the user delivers a kick to their opponents while sliding along the ground.


Slide Dodge

Sonic using the Slide to dodge an attack.

The Slide possesses great range and speed. When performing the move, the user falls down while running and slides along the ground with their feet in front of them. While sliding along the ground, the user can damage any enemies or smaller obstructions caught in their path. The Slide also allows the user to squeeze through narrow entrances, cracks, or doors. The attack range, or rather, the distance and speed the user can slide, is determined by how fast the user was moving prior to performing the Slide. In other words, the faster the user is running when executing the Slide, the greater the distance the user of the Slide will travel.

Background Information

  • The Slide was based on the technique of the same name in the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series. It was unnamed in the comic, but is considered tier 2 canon by this site's canon policy, as it does not contradict already established canon from tier 1.


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