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A Future version of Sonic’s World, approximately 200 years away from the present, is the forever-dystopian time period from which Silver the Hedgehog hails.

The world is constantly in a state of turmoil at this point in time, despite the many attempts by Silver in travelling to the past in order to fix it.


The fate of Dr. Eggman

A previous version of the timeline saw the world conquered by the Eggman Empire, where everyone was said to be living in fear and choking on polluted air. This was changed after Silver traveled back to the present to aide the Resistance in combating the Empire. (StH: #8)

All or Nothing

Silver's future after aiding the war but before helping against the Metal Virus.

Silver returned to his time after the war to find the world in another dire situation, however; the Eggman Empire had vanished, but the rest of the world had become barren of any organic life, with only metallic plant life remaining, prompting Silver to return to the present yet again. (StH: #8)

Out of the Blue

With the elimination of the Metal Virus, Silver travelled back to the future where it was no longer desolate and was also a brighter future.