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The Shadow Androids were a mass-produced robot resembling Shadow the Hedgehog.



At some point in the past, Doctor Eggman stored some Shadow Androids in some specialized tanks in one of his bases, working with the traitorous member of the Diamond Cutters in order to lure them to their deaths. Dr. Eggman activated the androids, which proceeded to eliminate Smithy the Lion, Slinger the Ocelot and Claire Voyance. By the time Whisper got out of hiding and when the coast was cleared, entered the bunker, with sign of any remaining shadow androids.

Shadow Androids in action.

Battle for Angel island

Because of the fact that the Shadow Androids decimated her squad, Whisper was at first apprehensive in the presence of Shadow, due to having a similar siluette.


Being based on Shadow, these androids have his replicated super speed. With that, they were able to evade the weapons fire of the diamond Cutters Wispons. In addition they were formidable than the standard badniks that the Diamond Cutters have previously faced. The Diamond Cutters, an elite group were outmatched compared to a group of Shadow Androids.


The androids have the same distinct shape as the hedgehog they were based on.

background Information

  • The Shadow Androids first appeared in Sonic Heroes.
  • The Shadow Androids' design are based on the orange Shadow Android from the Battle Mode of Shadow the Hedgehog.