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Sandra Jo is a the senior manager of licencing product development for SEGA of America. She was involved in the approval of the comic released for IDW Sonic the hedgehog. She is involved with the approval of the Sonic material realeased in the comics. She was also the licencor for the Archie Sonic comics when they had the licence for creating the sonic comics. Besides the comics, she was also involved in the approval of Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice (where she got a special thanks in the credits), Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces.



  • IDW Sonic the Hedgehog
    • #1- #4 ("Fallout") (special thanks)
    • #5- #6 ("The Fate of Dr. Eggman") (special thanks)
    • #7 ("Meet the New Boss") (special thanks)
    • #8 ("Silent Support") (special thanks)
    • #9 - #11 ("Battle for Angel Island") (special thanks)
    • #12 ("The Cost of the Battle for Angel Island") (special thanks)
    • #13 ("Calling Card") (special thanks)
    • #14 ("Misdirection") (special thanks)
    • #15 ("Patient Zero") (special thanks)
    • #16 ("Infection") (special thanks)
    • #17 ("Plague") (special thanks)
    • #18 ("Victims") (special thanks)
    • #19 - #20 ("Crisis City") (special thanks)
    • #21 - #23 ("The Last Minute") (special thanks)
    • #24 ("The Last One Out") (special thanks)
    • #25 ("A Sudden Shift") (special thanks)
    • #26 - #29 ("All or Nothing") (special thanks)
    • #30 ("Cured") (special thanks)
    • #31 ("Recovery") (special thanks)
    • #33 - #36 ("Chao Races and Badnik Bases") (special thanks)
    • #37 - #39 ("Test Run") (special thanks)
  • Tangle and Whisper miniseries
    • #0 ("Tangle & Whisper Exclusive Preview!") (special thanks)
    • #1 ("Imposter") (special thanks)
    • #2 ("Ambush") (special thanks)
    • #3 ("Betrayal") (special thanks)
    • #4 ("Showdown") (special thanks)
  • Sonic Annuals:
    • 2019 ("Bonds of Friendship", "Jet Set Tornado", "Victory Garden", "Curse of the Pyramid", "Sonic Fan Club") (special thanks)
    • 2020 ("Big's Big Adventure", "Darkest Hour", "Reflections", "Eggman's Day Off", "Flock Together", "The Catalyst") (special thanks)
  • Team Sonic Racing one-shot ("Team Sonic Racing") (special thanks)
Eggman Upgrades Metal Sonic.jpg

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