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Rough the Skunk and his brother Tumble the Skunk make up two halves of the mercenary duo who have come into conflict with Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles the Echidna.


Taking Over a Town

Rough and Tumble ferociously drive back Badniks.

Rough and his brother, Tumble the Skunk, served as mercenaries during the war between the Eggman Empire and the Resistance. Towards the end of the war, they saved a town by ferociously driving back the invading Badniks. Afterwards, they set up shop in the town and promised to help them shore up their defenses. However, the brothers ultimately ended up taking over the town and its Wispon distribution center, setting themselves up as tyrannical rulers. Trapping the townsfolk between themselves and the marauding Badniks outside the walls, Rough and Tumble controlled the town throughout the war and into the ensuing reconstruction period. (StH #3)


Rough and Tumble moments before Sonic and Knuckles appear.

Rough and Tumble were lounging about at the Wispon distribution center, being waited on hand and foot by the locals, when Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles the Echidna arrived to confront them. Shocked and angered at the interruption of their fun, Rough remarked about how the heroes did not know who they were and began a choreographed introduction before engaging in combat. While Sonic engaged Tumble, Rough literally got the jump on Knuckles, vaulting over his head before Knuckles connected with a right hook to his face. He recovered and sprung off a nearby beam, unleashing a cloud of noxious fumes with his signature Stink Bomber technique, leaving Knuckles semi-disabled. However, Knuckles fought through the pain and smashed Rough so hard that he sent him crashing down through the floor boards, leaving only his head protruding upwards from the floor. Tumble then picked up his dazed brother, and Rough recovered before they both grabbed Wispons in an attempt to turn the tide of the fight. Unfortunately for them, thanks to Sonic's inspiring speech to the Wisps within the Wispons, the Wisps escaped from their respective Wispons and instead turned on the mercenary duo, leaving Rough and Tumble's Wispons useless and helping the heroes surround them. Mocking their choreographed introduction, Sonic and Knuckles did their own number before knocking out both Rough and his brother. Rough was apprehended by the local militia along with his brother, and Tumble promised that they would escape and come after Sonic and Knuckles. Rough cursed them, saying that they have made life-long enemies of Rough & Tumble before being taken away. (StH #3)

Liberation under a new employee

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At some point prior to the Battle of Angel Island, Dr. Starline uses his warp topaz to spring the two skunks out of their jail cell. This was witnessed by Big the Cat, while he was looking for Froggy. Starline then employed them to bring Doctor Eggman to him, who was found in a mountain. In return, Dr. Eggman would create weapons for them.

Curse of the Pyramid

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Rough and Tumble eventually went to the Lost Pyramid of Dr. Eggman in the Dusty Desert to find Eggman's forgotten treasure, among other things. While Tumble was superstitious of the curse that surrounded the area, Rough was determined to find the treasure no matter what. Inside the pyramid, Rough stepped on a trick switch which made walls with spikes close in on them. Rough managed to roll out of the way with Tumble riding on top of him however. Once they were clear, Rough cheered for their victory. Tumble was still superstitious of the pyramid which prompted Rough to remind him that they were not scared of anything. Rouge the Bat then appeared and slightly startled the skunk brothers. Once they learned that she was also after Eggman's treasure, Rough used his noxious stench on her and ran off with Tumble. However, the skunk brothers were soon interrupted by an active Egg-Golem. When Rouge arrived, she explained what it was and that the Egg-Golem was being controlled via a remote. Rough and Tumble continued to fight the Egg-Golem while Rouge disappeared. Eventually though, the brothers managed to defeating the Egg-Golem. As the duo felt victorious, Rouge reappeared, all mummy-like, and warned the brothers not to touch the bandages or they would be doomed for eternity. Rough immediately became frightened of Rouge and ran out of the pyramid carrying his brother, ignoring his earlier comments on not being scared of anything.[3]


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Out of the Blue

It was revealed that even after they were cured from the metal virus, Rough and Tumble were still trapped in the pit at echo mine. Hungry and starving, they looked around the dark pit, when the skunk got scared because he thought he saw a cave spider. They willing accepted Tangle's offer of getting them out by climbing her tail. Rough was the first to climb up tangle's tail.

Imprisonment and liberation

At some point after they were liberated from Echo Mine, they ended up being captured and taken to Everhold Prison. (Sonic the Hedgehog: Bad Guys: #1)


Rough the Skunk

Rough has teal colored fur with a cream white stripes running down his back and front. He has cheek tuffs on the sides of his white fur-covered muzzle, and the white hair on his head is raised, making it resemble a mohawk. For clothing, Rough wears a pair of yellow gloves and boots that both have red lining and cream white volar surfaces. Rough's eyes are red with yellow scleras.


Rough and Tumble's choreographed introduction.

Rough lives up to his name, being a rather course and aggressive individual. Ruthless, he is more than willing to take advantage of those weaker than himself, as shown in the oppression of the townsfolk at the Wispon distribution hub. He showed little concern for the happiness or well-being of the townsfolk and was significantly offended by Sonic and Knuckles ruining their "fun". While Rough is a brawler who loves to fight, he is also shown to have a somewhat theatrical side as illustrated in the choreographed introduction he had prepared with his brother. This also implies a measure of pride, confidence, or perhaps arrogance in their abilities, as the brothers seek to make a name for themselves. Yet, while powerful and clever enough to seize an entire town, neither Rough or his brother seem to be overly intelligent. Their cruel and ruthless behavior shows a lack of empathy for others, and while they were able to take control of a key location such as a stockpile of Wispons, they showed no foresight or ambition in doing anything beyond forcing the townsfolk into serving and entertaining them.

Rough and Tumble have no preference for any sort of food, considering everything to be at the same level of taste.[4]


Although smaller and less physically intimidating than his brother, Rough makes up for his lack of brute strength with surprising speed and agility.

Rough uses the Stink Bomber on Knuckles.

Rough is an experienced mercenary and is able to efficiently coordinate with his brother, Tumble, to form a formidable tag team in battle. He is also extremely agile, able to leap with great speed and spring off of structures. As a skunk, Rough is also able to produce a noxious musk that affects the eyes, respiratory system, and, of course, has a pungent odor. Rough simultaneously spin attacks while releasing his musk to perform his Stink Bomber technique. The musk can also be used as a smokescreen.

Another stench based technique used by Rough, together with Tumble, was the Grand Stink Bomber Slam.



Tumble the Skunk

Tumble is Rough's brother and mercenary partner. They have a close relationship and are highly coordinated fighters.



Background Information

  • Rough was created by Ian Flynn and designed by Tyson Hesse.[5]
  • Rough was officially revealed in a Kotaku exclusive interview with editor, David Mariotte on February 16, 2018.[5]
    • Mariotte identified them more as bullies than masterminds, and are capable of becoming someone's henchmen down the line.
  • At the Sonic Town Hall at Wondercon 18, Joe Hughes compared Rough and Tumble to another iconic IDW duo, Beebop and Rocksteady, saying they are approximately 12% smarter. [6]
  • Early designs of Rough had more clothing and less defined eyes, likely referring to his colored sclera, compared to the final version. [5]