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for the version of the character as portrayed in the TSR one-shot comic and game series, see Rouge the Bat (TSR One-shot)

Rouge the Bat is an anthropomorphic white bat and secret agent. She is part of Team Dark and serves as the group's intelligence.


Past Adventures

The incident aboard the Space Colony ARK.

Some time ago, Rouge participated in a situation involving the Space Colony ARK, in which Eggman used its Eclipse Cannon to blow up a part of the moon in order to show the world the power that he wielded. These events lead to Rouge teaming up with Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Shadow the Hedgehog, and even Dr. Eggman himself to save the world.[3] (StH: #5, #6)

Eggman Hunt

Following Dr. Eggman's disappearance, Rouge aided Shadow the Hedgehog in his search to hunt down Eggman and prevent him from causing a counter-attack. Rouge quickly found the doctor's location, but anonymously passed that information to the Chaotix of the Chaotix Detective Agency in order to both verify that it was Eggman and to bring in Sonic the Hedgehog to help bring Shadow to reason. (StH: #6)

Rouge mocks Shadow over his jumping to conclusions.

When Rouge and Shadow arrived late as Rouge had planned, an inevitable confrontation occurred between the two hedgehogs. During the battle, Rouge revealed herself as the Chaotix's anonymous source to the detectives and proceeded to speak with Mr. Tinker, who was Eggman's new identity, as he hid behind his barricade in his home, learning his story and apparent memory loss. Upon Shadow teleporting inside Tinker's home, Rouge tried to calm him down and explain but Sonic had already got through to Shadow. The hedgehog demanded to see the Eggman Land that Tinker had mentioned earlier, only for it to be a small playground Tinker had been making in secret for the children of the Windmill Village. Rouge ribbed Shadow for taking the matter so seriously and bid farewell to Sonic and the Chaotix on good terms. (StH: #1, #5, #6)

Battle for Angel Island

Rouge and Shadow were later called to Restoration HQ to aid the Resistance against Neo Metal Sonic, who had impersonated Eggman, taken command over his Egg Fleet and the Eggman Empire, and had now successfully conquered Angel Island and the Master Emerald. She and Shadow were appointed to Team Two as part of a three-pronged attack to take on Neo Metal Sonic. On the way to Angel Island, Rouge questioned Shadow about his motives for going from lone wolf to joining a massive group like the Resistance for this battle, only for him to remain secretive of his reasons. After the Resistance's battleship was shot down, Rouge saved Tangle the Lemur by flying her out of the explosion. Shadow quickly disappeared from Team Two, which Rouge was not surprised by. Rouge then followed Amy's orders to destroy the guns of the Egg Fleet battleship they were attacking. During the assault, she took out a few Egg Pawns with kicks and bombs. When Tails hijacked an Egg Fleet battleship to attack the rest of the fleet parked on one of the wings protruding from Angel Island, Rouge grabbed Amy and flew her to another battleship. After a safe landing, the two women briefly conversed about Shadow discarding their plan. They suspected that he would most likely be going after Neo Metal Sonic on his own, which Rouge vowed to scold him for later. (StH: #9, #10)

Some time later, the Resistance saw Angel Island beginning to fall as Master Overlord (Neo Metal Sonic further transformed) approached them. A new plan was quickly forged to disable the wings of Master Overlord as Knuckles the Echidna tried to remove the Master Emerald that was powering it. The Resistance, still aboard an Egg Fleet ship, charged towards Master Overlord and swarmed onto his body once he caught the vessel in his grasp. Rouge flew Tangle and Whisper the Wolf into the fight, planting her bombs along one of Master Overlord's wings. Whisper then detonated them with her Variable Wispon, cleanly tearing off the entire structure. Master Overlord quickly threw off his attackers, sending them hurling towards the sea below before Silver the Hedgehog caught them all using his psychokinesis. Master Overlord then attempted to attack Silver, only for Tails to ram him with his commandeered battleship and give Knuckles the chance he needed to finally remove the Master Emerald and place it on Angel Island. With Angel Island floating again and Metal Sonic reduced to his original form, Rouge and the Resistance were in high spirits except for Shadow who skulked away, which Rouge noted as being something that he would do before she joined the after party. (StH: #11)

As everyone got ready to leave, Rouge managed to find an Eggman beach chair and used it to relax on top of the newly repaired Egg Fleet battleship. Sonic soon joined her for a chat and asked if she was going to return to spying once they got back home. While Rouge remained ambiguous, she found enjoyment in the view of the Master Emerald. Sonic then left Rouge be, telling her to give Shadow his thanks once she saw him again. (StH: #12)

Tomb Raiding

Rouge later infiltrated an abandoned pyramid base of Dr. Eggman's in search of a rumored life time's worth of treasure hidden inside. Sticking to the shadows, she observed the skunk brothers Rough and Tumble setting off the pyramid's booby traps, and the larger skunk brother cowering over a supposed "curse" upon the base. Taking an opportunity for a little fun, Rouge surprised both of them before revealing her intentions to steal the treasure, just like the two brothers planned to. Rough then launched an assault on Rouge's senses by using his Stink Bomber ability to distract her as the two brothers made a run for the treasure. Not about to let the riches fall into their hands, Rouge chased after them, only to discover Rough and Tumble had awakened the Egg-Golem. Rouge left the two of them to fight the giant robot as she searched for its remote, only to discover it was being controlled by a group of villagers who were using the pyramid as a place of refuge. Rouge then quickly hatched a scheme to scare off the thieving brothers and wrapped herself in bandages, pretending to have been turned into a mummy by the "curse." The brothers ran for their dear lives and the villagers came out of hiding. More than willing to offer Rouge their gratitude, they showed her the hidden treasure and let her take what she wanted as long as she kept it a secret from outsiders. (SA: 2019)

Metal Virus

Following reports that Dr. Eggman had returned and was planning to attack Sunset City, Shadow and E-123 Omega were deployed to respond to the threat as Rouge radioed for Sonic as reinforcements. Dismayed as she had planning some thefts of the city's jewellery stores, Rouge was now in charge and organizing the rescue of the Metal Virus survivors. Managing to get survivors to the Grand Gold Flicky Hotel with Sonic's help and direct troops effectively, Rouge took the time to inquire about Sonic's condition as he too had been infected with the virus, but had managed to delay his transformation thanks to his speed. Awaiting Shadow to arrive with transport, more survivors arrived with Zombots hot on their heels. Once Shadow arrived with transport, the Ultimate Lifeform went on the offensive, leaving Rouge to organize survivors into the truck as Omega safeguarded it from the Zombots. Rouge could see Shadow fighting the Zombots in hand-to-hand, a reckless move in her eyes, and one that proved to be Shadow's undoing as he was infected by the Metal Virus. Rouge ordered Shadow to run, knowing that moving at high speeds had allowed Sonic to delay the virus from fully infecting him, but Shadow continued to fight. Unable to get assistance from Omega as he held the line against the Zombots, Rouge radioed Amy Rose for assistance as Shadow was swarmed and had transformed into a Zombot before Sonic arrived back on the scene to fight the Ultimate Lifeform. Rouge could only watch as Shadow began to attack Sonic, locking him into a choke hold before the blue blur escaped and managed to draw Shadow and the Zombots away from the truck. With the last of the survivors loaded into the transport, Sonic ordered Rouge and the truck to flee, which the bat did without hesitation, thankful for Sonic's assistance. Rouge brought the survivors to Restoration HQ, planning her next move and awaiting news of Shadow, only for Sonic to confirm the virus had taken him. Upset with this news, Rouge stormed off, angered with Shadow and his stubbornness, before going off the radar. (StH: #18, #19, #20, #22)

As the Restoration tried to contain the unstoppable spread of the Metal Virus, Rouge managed to infiltrate Dr. Eggman's Faceship and spy on his plans from the shadows. There she witnessed Dr. Starline's plan to use the Deadly Six to take back control the virus fail as the Zeti betrayed him and took the ship for themselves as doctors Eggman and Starline escaped using the Warp Topaz. With the Chaos Emeralds now in their possession, their power to control robots could be amplified and spread throughout the planet, allowing them to command thousands of Zombots. Rouge struck an alliance with Orbot and later Cubot who pretended to be subservient to Zavok and then she relayed this new information to the last of the Restoration who had now taken sanctuary on Angel Island, along with Dr. Eggman, Dr. Starline and Metal Sonic. With a plan in place to steal the Chaos Emeralds from the Deadly Six and using the combined power of Super Sonic and the Warp Topaz to dispose of the virus, Rouge was tasked with taking the two Chaos Emeralds powering the Faceship and in the possession of Zavok. With the leader of the Deadly Six desperately searching for Eggman, time was of the essence for Rouge and the others and Orbot and Cubot stalled Zavok for them as much as they could as he came closer to finding Eggman. Eventually, Zavok discovered Eggman and Sonic were on Angel Island headed straight for in the Faceship and brought all of Sonic's infected friends with him. With time running out, Rouge stole the Chaos Emerald powering the Faceship, causing it to free fall. Planning to wait until the fires died down and collect the final Chaos Emerald from Zavok in the Faceship's wreckage, Zavok instead used the power of the Chaos Emerald to enhance his own, attack Angel Island and catapult Zombots on to the floating island. With time running out and the world seemingly doomed, Rouge spent what could have been her final moments with the "one she loved" sat atop the Master Emerald, much to the chagrin of Knuckles and Shadow. (StH: #25, #26, #27, #28, #29)


Rouge is an ideal spy able to be cunning, manipulative, deceitful, strategic, observational and tactful at the drop of a hat, such as when she delayed Shadow from finding Eggman and tipped off the Chaotix to Eggman's location, all to bring in Sonic to reign in Shadow and stop the situation getting too violent. This suggests a more compassionate side to her as well, or at least that she is not narrow-sighted or willing to act without a full story.

Between Shadow and Rouge, the latter is by far the more reasonable of the group and she knows it, willing to hear someone out instead of rushing into violence, though she's hardly one to ignore obvious red flags. She's also got a sense of humor, often at the expense of teasing her friends, and a disarmingly flirtatious nature.

She is also shown to put aside her greed at times to help others in need, such as when she aided the villagers hiding in the pyramid to keep Rough and Tumble from getting to them. Whether this was an act of genuine compassion or a means to an end of finding the pyramid's treasure faster is unknown though.

Despite her love for jewels, she took the gems in the mineral museum to prevent the Babylon Rogues stealing it, mentioning that at least she'll only have them for the moment.


Rouge is a super spy specializing in intelligence gathering, capable of flying at speed and strong enough to carry another creature similar to her own size at ease with just one hand. She is also a very competent combatant, often employing kicks with her powerful legs and personalized gadgetry such as her heart-emblazoned bombs.


Rouge is a very beautiful white-furred bat with tan skin, teal eyes, purple wings and wears powder blue eye shadow. Her outfit is a sleeveless unitard tailored to both stealth for her work as a thief and spy and combat with her sturdy knee-high high-heeled boots. A touch of elegance is added to the ensemble with white elbow length gloves with magenta cuffs and heart motifs of matching color are adorned on the toes of her boots and chest piece with a white lining that emphasizes her bust, doubling as a bustier.




Background Information

  • Rouge's voluptuous figure has long been problematic in her media appearances aimed at children, with groups like 4Kids Entertainment and Archie Comics often editing out, shrinking or covering up her cleavage. By contrast, IDW Publishing has depicted her bust accurately to the games and even increased its size in some issues to almost comedic proportions reminiscent of Jessica Rabbit.
  • Several times throughout the comics, Rouge has been referred to as a spy. In the games she works for the human run organization GUN, yet it has never been mentioned in the comics who she is a spy for with the only logical option being Team Dark. Writer Ian Flynn has gone on record saying SEGA's official policy is that the world Rouge comes from and the human world are two different worlds.