Orbot is a robot built by Dr. Eggman and one of the Doctor's aide robots.


Serving a New Boss

After Dr. Eggman disappeared following the war between the Resistance and the Eggman Empire, Orbot welcomed Neo Metal Sonic as the new head of the Eggman Empire until further notice. (StH: #7)

Cubot and Orbot Flashback

Orbot and Cubot discovered by the Chaotix.

At some point after Dr. Eggman disappeared, Orbot and Cubot were later discovered in Eggman's last known lab by the Chaotix of the Chaotix Detective Agency, who were tracking Eggman. Although the two robots were cooperative when the Chaotix interrogated them, they knew nothing about Eggman's whereabouts. (StH: #5)

Orbot reassures Neo

Orbot speaks with Neo Metal Sonic.

In a secret base, Orbot and Cubot met up with Neo Metal Sonic, who was currently controlling the Badnik hordes. There, Orbot revealed in his report that Sonic the Hedgehog was heading towards Rough and Tumble. (StH: #2)

Some time after, Orbot went over the preparations that Neo Metal Sonic had made for the next stage of his master plan before being ordered to signal Neo Metal Sonic's flagship. (StH: #6)


Orbot is a diminutive robot with a round head composed of a semispherical cap with a smaller black semisphere under it for a lower face. His lower face can separate to reveal a cover, representing his mouth, and he has two grey-framed and pupil-less eyes. He has also a ball joint for a chest and red gloves for hands. His arms and back consist each of two thin bars that are joined by a ball joint. His lower body is a small semisphere with a grey inside and a ball joint connecting it to his back. Orbot has a red head cap and light blue eyes and mouth, while the rest of him is black and grey with a few red joints.


Unlike many of Eggman's robots, Orbot is not a mindless drone. Orbot is one who looks at the bright side of things, especially for the sake of his boss when he is in a foul mood. He is also said to be lazy.


Orbot does not possess any abilities aside from possessing intelligence. He aids Dr. Eggman in his plans.




Background Information

  • Head writer Ian Flynn has revealed on Twitter that Orbot's measurements are the same as those of his game counterpart.


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