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Nathalie Fourdraine is an artist who contributes to the IDW Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series. She is notably the creator for retail Incentive Covers for at least one of the retail covers for the mainstay Sonic Comic issues.


Nathalie was first noticed by IDW Publishing for her personal artwork on Stardust Speedway from the Sonic the Hedgehog CD in celebration of Sonic Mania. The then-editor, Joe Hughes contacted her and asked her if she could create some RI covers for their Sonic comic, which she then said yes to. [1]


Cover Artwork

  • IDW Sonic the hedgehog: Tangle and Whisper
    • #1 - 4 (Cover B)
  • IDW Sonic the hedgehog: Imposter Syndrome
    • #4 (Cover RI)
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  • The first games Nathalie has played as a child were Sonic Adventure 2: Battle and Sonic Mega Collection, both on the GameCube.

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