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The Mineral Museum[1] is an institution in Spiral Hill Village that cares for a collection of minerals. Its curator is Jewel.[1]


The interior of the Mineral Museum, from Sonic the Hedgehog Annual 2019.

The Mineral Museum is a two-story gray building with a blue-famed entrance and windows.

The insides of the Mineral Museum is an open hall with stairs leading up to a second floor on the sides. The hall features many shelves with several types of minerals put on display for the public to see. According to Whisper, its exhibition is beautiful.[1]



The Mineral Museum was put together by Jewel, with its exhibitions coming from the collection of minerals that she and Tangle had amassed over the years.[1]

Bonds of Friendship

While at work in the Mineral Museum, Jewel received a surprise visit from Tangle, who was showing her new friend Whisper the Wolf around Spiral Hill Village. After introductions were made, Tangle and Jewel told Whisper about themselves and about how the Mineral Museum came to be. Soon after though, Whisper noticed that something was afoot in the village.[1]

Tangle & Whisper

Jewel was later working in the Mineral Museum, when she found Tangle recklessly swinging around in the streets of Spiral Hill Village. After Tangle had crashed into Ron's stand, she returned to the Mineral Museum with Jewel where they talked about Tangle's recent restless behavior and how to remedy it over some chili dogs. Soon though, the duo heard a crash from outside. Jewel immediately took cover behind her desk, worrying that the Babylon Rogues had returned. Tangle, however, told Jewel to hide while she checked the situation out.[2]


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