Miles Prower, more commonly known by his nickname, Tails, is an anthropomorphic two-tailed fox and best friend of Sonic the Hedgehog.


Early Adventures

ARK Flashback Inside

The incident aboard the Space Colony ARK.

Tails had been fighting alongside Sonic and battling Dr. Eggman for some time. The earliest known encounter involved the Space Colony ARK, in which Eggman used its Eclipse Cannon to blow up a part of the moon in order to show the world the power that he wielded. These events lead to Tails teaming up with Sonic, Knuckles the Echidna, Rouge the Bat, Shadow the Hedgehog, and even Dr. Eggman himself to save the world.[5] (StH: #5, #6)

More recently, after getting ahold of a mysterious artifact known as the Phantom Ruby, Dr. Eggman defeated and captured Sonic and conquered the majority of the planet. This caused trauma to the young fox, who had disappeared for a while. Eventually, Tails, alongside the Resistance (formed by Sonic's friends and allies and comprised of many more soldiers), other allies, and a past version of Sonic from an alternate reality, Sonic was freed and helped to stop Dr. Eggman's conquest and save the world from his clutches.[6][1] This ended in a confrontation between Sonic and Eggman, the latter piloting his latest Death Egg Robot. (StH: #1)


Sonic and Tails fight Egg Hammers

Tails and Sonic defeat an Egg Hammer.

After Sonic managed to defeat Eggman in their previous encounter, the doctor disappeared. However, his robot forces remained, and Tails tried to help stop the robot uprisings as well as rebuild where needed. When Sonic appeared in a town to help fend off a Badnik attack, Tails winded up saving Sonic from a group of Egg Hammers. The two teamed up and took down all of the robots with a mix of attacks, which included the Spin Dash and Rolling Combo. After Sonic and Tails started overcoming the horde of robots, the robots attempted to escape the town, so while Sonic took care of the remaining Egg Hammer, Tails closed one of the town's gates just in time to prevent the robots from leaving, which caused them to crash into the gate and get destroyed. Afterwards, Tails noted that the attack seemed coordinated, which was unlike previous Badnik attacks from other areas. When Sonic suggested it might be Dr. Eggman, Tails did not believe so, as Eggman was known for making sure they knew he had returned before attacking. Sonic decided to continue doing what he had been doing, but Tails expressed his worry over the thought of Sonic losing again, to which the blue hedgehog promised to be more careful. He also suggested that Tails follow him just like old times. Initially, Tails wanted to, but then he decided it was more important to help the town that they had just saved rebuild and recover. Sonic commented on Tails' decision by calling him a class act and stating that they would bash robots again some other time, to which Tails agreed. Unbeknownst to the two of them, a Flapper watched Sonic travel away from the town, which had someone watching the visual feedback and planning their next moves. (StH: #1)

Sonic and Tails discover Egg Fleet

Tails and Sonic discover an Egg Fleet battleship.

Tails would later join up with Sonic in an attempt to raid Eggman's bases and discover who the ringleader was behind the recent Badnik attacks. While aboard the Tornado, the two came across a battleship from the Egg Fleet that was not coming up on their radar. Tails handed over his Miles Electric to Sonic to use so that he could download any information he could from the first computer he saw aboard the battleship. Shortly after, Tails saved Sonic when he jumped off the battleship to escape from Neo Metal Sonic and landed on the Tornado. They then traveled to Resistance HQ, where the two of them, along with Knuckles and Amy, learned form Sonic that Neo Metal Sonic was the one behind the Badnik attacks. Apparently, he had taken over the Eggman Empire in Eggman's absence in an attempt to continue Eggman's rule for him and give him back command after finding him. The group decided to search for any old plans that could tell them what Neo Metal Sonic was up to in order to thwart them. (StH: #7)

The Battle for Angel Island

Eventually, Tails was called to Resistance HQ. There, he and the Resistance's other allies were informed of what Sonic and Silver the Hedgehog had discovered in an Eggman base. As Neo Metal Sonic had conquered Angel Island and turned it into a flying fortress as well as secured the Master Emerald for himself, Amy laid out a plan on how they could liberate the island. Tails discouraged Blaze the Cat from going after Neo as Burning Blaze, as he believed that Neo could just copy Blaze's powers and become an even greater threat during their confrontation. Tails was then assigned to help two of the assembled group's factions with breaking the Egg Fleet's control over Angel Island while Sonic and Knuckles confronted Neo Metal Sonic. (StH: #9)

Tails sets trajectory

Tails sets the trajectory for the crashing battleship.

While taking the group towards Angel Island in one of the Resistance's battleships, Tails got a visit from Sonic. As the two friends were having a moment however, the Egg Fleet began bombarding the ship. Fortunately, Tails managed to steer the falling ship towards Angel Island, and before it crashed on the island, Tails and the others managed to evacuate. Once on Angel Island, Tangle the Lemur and Whisper the Wolf were assigned to protect him while he did something smart according to Amy. Shortly after though, Tails began fighting the island's horde of Egg Pawns. While fighting by Amy's side, Tails noticed that they were not making much progress. Looking for a smarter approach, Tails got an idea. With Silver's aid, Tails managed to take control of an Egg Fleet battleship, which he used to destroy the last of the wing units attached to Angel Island's shoreline. Afterward, most of Tails' allies regrouped on the battleship. (StH: #9, #10)

Neo Metal Sonic, who had transformed into Master Overlord, approached the battleship. Tails took the battleship straight towards the robot as he refused to leave Sonic, who was in the grasp of Master Overlord along with Knuckles and Shadow the Hedgehog, and Angel Island, which was currently falling from the sky without the Master Emerald that Master Overlord had taken. The crew was soon after instructed by Knuckles to force Master Overlord towards Angel Island while he focused on retrieving the Master Emerald from him. While the others attacked Master Overlord, Tails remained behind on the battleship. However, when his friends were about to get attacked by Master Overlord, Tails rammed the battleship into Master Overlord. This distracted the robot long enough for Knuckles to take the Master Emerald away from Master Overlord and bring it back to Angel Island. This returned the island to the sky while Master Overlord powered down to his normal form as Metal Sonic. Tails then reunited with Sonic on Angel Island. With Angel Island now back to normal and Metal Sonic offline, Tails and Sonic celebrated their victory. (StH: #11)

Afterwards, Tails made a few repairs on Metal Sonic without bringing him back to full strength. Then, upon Sonic's request, Tails reactivated Metal Sonic, and Sonic offered the weakened robot to make a truce with them and start a new life. Metal Sonic refused, however, and ran off. Tails wondered if they should go after Metal Sonic, but Sonic noted that they should respect the robot's choice as Eggman could no longer repair or weaponize Metal Sonic. Tails then went to work on repairing the Egg Fleet battleship that they had used earlier so that they could get everyone on Angel Island back home. Although uncertain that he had repaired the notoriously weird Eggman tech onboard the battleship, Tails managed to get it flying by the time Sonic went to check on him. As they took off, Tails and Sonic congratulated each other on another successful adventure. (StH: #12)


Tails is a young, anthropomorphic fox cub with a unique mutation of two tails instead of one. He has mostly yellow-orange fur with white fur around his muzzle, front torso, and the tips of his tails. He also has blue eyes. Typically, his attire consists simply of white gloves and red shoes with white toes.


Tails is a young fox cub who has a pure and courageous heart. Loyal and trustworthy, he can be counted on to stand firmly by the side of his friends and help them out however he can. While still young, Tails has time and again proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with, especially with his high intellect.


Gifted with a pair of twin tails, Tails can utilize these unique appendages to achieve flight by twirling them around like rotary blades, similar to a helicopter. He is very agile and can keep up with Sonic at quite high speeds. Tails also has a high intellect which has allowed him to construct many machines and devices to help him in his adventures.

Like Sonic, Tails can attack enemies by curling into a concussive ball or cutting disk and directing himself at his targets, allowing him to perform moves like the Spin Attack or the Rolling Combo.


Sonic the Hedgehog

Tails carries Sonic

Tails and Sonic

Sonic the Hedgehog is Tails' best friend and one who acts as an older brother figure to him. The two of them have been together for a long time, and, as such, have developed a close, brotherly bond. Though Tails tends to get annoyed by Sonic's recklessness and smugness, this does not truly hinder their bond. In fact, the very thought of losing Sonic is enough to greatly worry Tails, especially after he thought Sonic had been killed.

Background Information

  • Head writer Ian Flynn has revealed on Twitter that Tails' measurements are the same as those of his game counterpart.


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