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The Metal Virus was a synthetic manufactured virus created by Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik to transform organic matter into a metal one. Any creatures exposed to the virus becomes a robotic servant of Dr. Eggman. The virus was eventually purged from existence with Super Sonic and Super Silver used the warp Topaz to extract the virus out of everyone, and flew it into the sun, curing everyone.


The virus remebles a grey metallic liquid. In their microscopic form, they resemble bacteriophages.


Prior History

Dr. Eggman created the virus, which was capable to transmutating living being into rebots.

Post battle of Angel Island

After regaining his memories he begins the manufacturing of the virus, as well as performing tests on effective spreading and potency of the Metal virus. Upon finishing his tests, he gives his new lackeys, Rough and Tumble another opportunity to fight Sonic, who was detected in his echo mine base. In addition to giving the skunks a drilling mech, he gives them backpacks containing the said virus, telling them to press a button if they were defeated, not telling them that they were to be the subjects of the virus. (#12)


While Starline made a distraction for Sonic, Eggman began conducitng experiments of his Metal virus on living creatures, plants and his robots. (#14) The skunk duo eventually reached Sonic and Amy in their drill machine. Sonic managed to outmaneuvered drill machine into going off a cliff and into the chasm below. Expecting some sort of weaponry, the skunks pressed the button to activating their mounted backpacks, releasing the goo contained within, to the surprised skunks. Their surprise turned to horror as they were gradually absorbed by goo, becoming mindless zombots. Although Sonic trapped the two zombot skunks doiwn into a pit where they could do no harm to themselves opr anyone else, he became infected with the virus due to being in physical contact with the skunks. (#15)

The Last Minute and Big's Big Adventure

Tasked with finding out a cure for the virus, Tails heads to his lab near central city, which housed a computer which could be able to calculate a cure. However, Eggman arrived in his faceship and deployed the metal virus onto the city, just as tails had entered the city. Tails managed to enter his lab after sneaking through the zombie infested city. With the use of his computer, he managed to create a plan for the cure by using Sonic's speed. Unfortunately, Tail's power was cut, interupting the transferrance of the cure to resistance HQ. Hoping to salvage the situation, Tails removed the memory wafer which still contained the cure, but was destroyed while the zombots stormed into the lab. To add to Tail's misfortune, Sonic lost his Bio-scanner, which contained the data of his infection and Sonic's resistance due to his speed- the source of Tail's data.

Meanwhile, at Restoration HQ, one of the residence at Glass Hill was infected with the metal virus, but hid himself under a jumper. Due to Big distracting Gemerl from scanning, the infected citizen slipped in while nobody was aware. Eventually, the infected citizen was revlead whilst in the final stages of being a Zombot, causing a panic in Restorastion HQ, in addition to Zombot Charmy breaking out of his containment capsule. During the breach, both Vector and Vanilla were lost to the zombots, those still uninfected managed to escape in sole shuttlecraft.

All or Nothing

Metal Virus purged.jpg

Intent on helping Eggman on controlling the metal virus and it zombots, Dr. Starline, went behind his back to enlist the help of the Deadly Six, whose electromagnetic powers could help keep the zombots in check. Starline reasonsed that Eggman would thank him later for this. When Doctor starline summoned the Deadly Six on the faceship with the intent on implementing his soution to bring the zombots under eggman's control. Despite Starline having the advantage of the Caophonic Conch, the Zeti disarmed the platypus and quickly took over Eggman's faceship, with Eggman, Starline and metal sonic just escaping. With the faceship, they each took a chaos emerald to boost their control of the massive numbers of zombots, except for one to power the ship. The zeti then went their separate ways, except for Zavok, who made use of the spaceship, with the intent on controlling the metal virus zombots.

Forming a temporary alliance to trake this threat down, Dr. Eggman and the Sonic's friends took part in recovering the chaos emeralds from the zeti, leaving the two in zavok's posession last. The mission was a sucess.

With the combining power of the chaos emeralds, Sonic then used his super transformation, which ultimately purged his infection of the metal virus. With the power of Super Sonic and Super Silver and the Warp Topaz, extracted the metal virus was removed from everyone and everything, curing those affected. The metal virus was then purged by being hurled into thye sun.


With everyone cured, citizens began to celebrate, with a party being organized in Spiral Hill Village. Another notable after-effect of the virus was the tearing down of the contribution's of "Mr. Tinker" in Windmill Village, who the citizens beleived that he was pretending all along. They also shunned his benevolent creation, Belle the Tinkerer, after having prior gained their trust. This further led Belle to find Dr. Eggman to get answers, and not to beleive that he was the monster that the villagers claimed he was.

Dr. Starline used the data of the Metal virus in creating Surge the Tenrec and Kitsunami the Fennec. (IDW Sonic the Hedgehog: Imposter Syndrome Issue 3)

Due to the plants, such as those in the Forest Ridge Zone Campground were infected by the metal virus, they did not retain as much water in the winter, and make them, vulnerable to catching fire. This fact was taken advantage of by Surge, in order to cause a mass panic to the citizens there. (StH: 47, Imposter Syndrome: #1

At least in Central City, most of the citizens went back to their normal lives before the horrible onset of the virus, to Surge's surprise. (Imposter Syndrome: #1


  • Similar to a virus, it can be spread via contact with the virus.
  • Sonic was able to prolong his infection by using his super-speed, temporarily slowing the rate of infection down.
  • The Zeti were able to control the Zombots, but needed their powers to be boosted with the use of a chaos emerald to control the thousands of zombots.
  • Despite this, the Zeti themselve are not immune to becoming infected by the virus and becoming a Zombot.
  • The virus was capable of infecting anthropomorphical animals and normal animals, as well as chao. Despite being able to infect and transform flowers, they do not become zombots and are not dangerous except for touching them and being exposed to the virus.
    • Those that had the natural ability to fly before becoming zombots retained their ability to fly, as in the case of the Flickies and later, Charmy.


  • The wisps cannot be invulnerable to the virus when they are in energy form, such as when they are use in wispons.
  • Despite being in the process of infected by the metal Virus, Sonic was able to temporally make the virus cede by speeding, although that effect was slowly becoming less effective.
  • Sonic would be ultimately cured once he entered his Super Transformation, Super Sonic.
Metal virus cure.jpg


  • The metal virus was originally intended for use in Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog comic series, where it was set to be the next major storyline following the landmark 300th issue, before the series was cancelled.[1]
    • The storyline was briefly foreshadowed during the Sonic Universe story arc "Eggman's Dozen", in which plans for a "new method" of roboticization were said to be in development.
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