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Metal Knuckles is a robot created by a Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik (Classic) from the Classic dimension to rival the skills of his counterpart, Knuckles the Echidna (Classic)



After a newly resurrected Heavy King wanted to eliminate Dr. Eggman, while he was sleeping, he was prevented from doing so by Metal Sonic. The Heavy King then use Eggman's computer to override all of Eggmans robots to serve Heavy King and to kick out Eggman. Heavy King then ordered his newly found robotic force to acquire the Chaos emeralds, in order to resurrect his Hard Boiled Heavy squad.

Seasons of Chaos

Metal Knuckles began looking for the chaos emerald in the Mushroom Hill Zone (Classic) on Angel Island. After the emerald was handed from a pocky to Knuckles, the robot speedily snatched the emerald out of a surprised Knuckles hand.

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Metal Knuckles has the same super-strength as his template, Knuckles. He is also armed with razor sharp blades on each hand that are sharp enough to cut a tree-sized mushroom down in one slash. It is also capable of rocket-propelled, high-speed flight.

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