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The Lost Pyramid of Dr. Eggman was one of Dr. Eggman's abandoned bases that was located in Dusty Desert. The base was based on an Egyptian theme.



At some point in the past, Dr. Eggman created this Egg base in the Dusty Desert. He then abandoned the Egg base for some unknown reason. There were rumours that the place was cursed.

Cures of the Pyramid

Some time after it was abandoned, Rough and Tumble began searching for any treasures or weapons left behind by the Doctor. After avoiding the spiked wall trapped, they encountered a rival treasure hunter, Rouge. Determined to get the treasure before her, the two skunks used their stink to get a head start. By the time Rouge caught up, the skunks were fighting an Egg-Golem, which was presumably left behind to deter any intruders in the base. Rouge then went off to find a remote to stop the Golem. After the skunks decimated the golem's head, glaoting that the pyramid's treasure was their alne, they were then spooked at a mummified Rouge, who beleived that the curse finally got her. The scared skunks ran out in fright. However, this was a ruse by Rouge, who discovered that the temple was home to some dwellers, and that scaring off the skunk duo would deter any would-be treasure hunters from raiding the pyramid, and not have to resort to using traps. The greatful dwellers, offered Rouge some of the treasure they have hidden, with Rouge promising one of them that this secret will be under wraps. (Sonic the Hedgehog Annual 2019: Curse of the Pyramid)


The Lost pyramid was loosely based off Dr. Eggman's pyramid base in Sonic Adventure 2.