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IDW Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 7 is the seventh issue of IDW Publishing's Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series.


Official Solicitation

Secrets revealed! After the dramatic events of the last two issues and the secret of Dr. Eggman, Sonic races off to shut down the organized Badniks at the source. Unfortunately, there’s more at play than Sonic has realized—and more powerful players…[1]


"Meet the New Boss"

The issue opens with Sonic and Tails in the Tornado, approaching an Egg Carrier. After a brief discussion about Sonic's plan to infiltrate the carrier and find out who's controlling the badniks, Sonic leaps off the Tornado, and makes his way to the Egg Carrier's bridge area. Once there, Sonic is greeted by Eggman and a horde of Egg Pawns. Eggman begins going on a rant about his latest plan, but Sonic interrupts him, and point's out that he isn't the real Eggman. "Eggman", then drops his disguise and reveals himself to actually be Neo Metal Sonic. After Sonic recounts the events of Heroes to Neo Metal, Metal then goes on to say that Eggman removed all rebelliousness from his coding, and that he had been upgraded to Neo Metal Sonic once again to be Eggman's "ultimate weapon" in the final battle against The Resistance. Neo Metal notes that he was unfortunately completed too late, and that Sonic and the Resistance had won. He then goes on to say that he had been given Eggman's bio-data, and disguises himself as Eggman in order to ensure that the Eggman Empire does not fall any father than it already has. Neo says that the only person who can truly rule the Eggman Empire is Eggman. Since Sonic knows where Eggman is, Neo wants Sonic to tell him where Eggman is, so he can hand over control of the Empire back to him. Sonic processes all this, and then launches himself at Neo Metal, unleashing homing attack after homing attack. After Sonic finishes his attacks, Neo Metal proclaims that he has successfully copied Sonic's bio-data, and then attacks Sonic. Sonic realises that this is a fight he can't win, so he makes his escape. Neo Metal follows, and tries to capture Sonic. Sonic races around the deck of the Egg Carrier, destroying Egg Pawns and battery cannons alike. Sonic is then cornered by Neo Metal, and grabbed by the neck. Neo Metal demands to know where Eggman is, and after Neo Metal threatens to drop Sonic off the side of the ship, Sonic is able to get out of Neo Metal's grip, and falls off the side of the ship, and is saved by Tails. Back at The Resistance HQ, Sonic fills everyone in on what went down, and they make plans to raid Eggman bases to find out what they can about Neo Metal's plan. The issue closes out with the Egg Fleet approaching Angel Island, with Neo Metal Sonic stating that Sonic can take all the time he wants, for he has already won.

Key Events

  • Sonic infiltrates the Egg Fleet.
  • The second Doctor Eggman watching over the events of the previous issues is revealed to be Metal Sonic, once again assuming his Neo form.
  • After a fierce battle, Sonic escapes his metallic douppleganger and relays his discovery back to Resistance HQ.
  • The Egg Fleet approaches Angel Island.

Variant Cover Gallery

Convention Exclusive Covers

Background Information

Sonic 7 CE 2 ?

The original Convention Exclusive Variant 2 cover, used as a placeholder.

  • Five of the six covers feature a foil cover title, excluding the Diamond Lunch variant. This is the first time a Sonic comic has had a foil cover.
  • Three different variants were Available at San Diego Comic Con 2018:
    • Jamal Pepper's variant was available at the IDW Booth.
    • Adam Bryce Thomas's variant was available at Diamond Booths.
    • Nathalie Fourdraine's Variant was given as a gift to attendees of the Diamond Retailer Lunch.
  • The original teaser image for the second variant cover at San Diego Comic Con 2018 was a blank cover with a giant blue question mark - used as a placeholder image.

Cameos & References

  • Sonic recounts the events of Sonic Heroes, the last time Metal Sonic turned into his Neo form.
  • Sonic recalls fighting a "phantom" Metal Sonic during the war (Sonic Forces), as in, an illusionary version conjured up by the Phantom Ruby.
  • When Metal threatens to drop Sonic from the ship, Sonic responds by uttering "I never fear the fall", which is a lyric from "His World", the main theme of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

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