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IDW Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 46 is the forty-sixth issue in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by IDW Publishing.

Official solicitation

Featured stories

Trial By Fire, Part 2


The ROAD TO #50 continues here! Enjoy a TEN-ISSUE long adventure leading up to the EPIC SHOWDOWN in milestone issue #50.[1]
This is not a drill! In "Trial by Fire," part two by Evan Stanely, forest fire threatens the ecosystem and the campers-luckily, Amy, Tangle, Jewel, and Belle are there to help! The Heroines must overcome their differences and work together to save the day.[1]



Races and Species:





  • A group of characters seen amongst the citizens in the Lost Pyramid of Dr. Eggman, reappear as one of the campers of the Park.

Other features

  • Story so far: "Story so far" is a summary of the current plotline for the comic.
  • Roll Call: Roll Call acts as a quick reference guide to new readers about the characters. This issue provides data files on Amy, Tangle, Belle and Jewel.
  • Sonic Letters Squad: Sonic Letters Squad is a section where the comic staff can post fan artwork and fan letters that have been sent in to them. The other pages showcase raw artwork of the variant covers for the issue.




Early covers

Preview pages



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