Eggman Upgrades Metal Sonic

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IDW Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 14 is the fourteenth issue in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by IDW Publishing.


A helpful tip leads Sonic and Silver to an abandoned Eggman base suddenly teeming with activity. As the two investigate the action, an old foe returns and a new foe comes face-to-face with Sonic for the first time...[1]


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  • Sonic and Silver search for Dr. Eggman's base within Frozen Peak, due to recieving information about it from a "mysterious informer".
  • They find the base containing badniks clearing out materials.
  • The two hedgehogs attempt to stop the badniks, only to have Metal Sonic enter the fray.
  • Metal Sonic throws Silver aside, focuses on just Sonic.
  • Silver pins metal Sonic down just in time.
  • Dr. Starline appears via his Warp topaz, having been recognized by Silver to be the mysterious informant.
  • Starline introduces himself to them and confirms to them he was behind the recent events.
  • After conducitng more tests, Dr. Eggman is revealed to have several locations several locations to begin the spread of the virus.
  • Athough Silver and Sonic had the upper hand with Metal, Starline uses his warp topaz against the charging Sonic and Silver, leading them to a cliff face.
  • Metal Sonic is ordered to go back to base, while starline himself waits for the hedgehogs to return.
  • After waiting, for a while and beleiving that they weren't coming, he was then captured by both hedgehogs when he least expected it.
  • Starline gives Silver the code for the base (it is actually the command code for the base to self destruct.)
  • Dr. Eggman is furious about the fact that Dr. Starline has killed Sonic, when it was his prize.
  • While Silver is resting in Restoration HQ, Sonic discusses with Amy about the possibility of Dr. Eggman return.

Plot summary

  • Sonic and Silver begin investigating Frozen Peak, after receiving a tip-off on the location of Dr. Eggman's base is there.
  • After finding the base, clearing out materials, they were ambushed by Metal Sonic and Dr Starline, the latter revealing it to be his trap (revleaed to be the source of the anonymoustip-off by Silver) as well as being a major part in recent events
  • Despite seemingly getting rid of the hedgehogs by using his topaz to send them off a cliff, he tell Metal Sonic to head back to base, while the platypus waits for them.
  • The Hedgehogs take advantage of his lul in security and capture him.
  • Dr. Starline gives them a code for the base (which actually made the base self-destruct), and manages to get away.
  • Dr. Eggman continues testing his latest weapon, as well as deciding which locations to begin the spread of the new virus.
  • Eggman becomes furious about Starline blowing Sonic up, beleiving that the hedgehog was his prize.
  • Meanwhile, Silver and Sonic are at Restorastion HQ, with Silver recovering from his injuries. Sonic disscusses with amy about the possibility of Dr. Eggman returning.


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