IDW Sonic Hub:Non-free use rationale

Non-free use rationale is the information required for you to put in when uploading an image to the website. You must include the non free use rationale template on the image's page and fill out all of the sections, or the image will be deleted within one week by the site's administrators.

Information required

-Article the image is primarily used in

(Example: [[Sonic the Hedgehog]])

-A brief description of what is in the image, and the artist who drew it

(Example: Sonic running through Knothole, artwork by '''Dave Manak''')

-The source comic of the scan, including the comic, issue number

Example: IDW Publishing's ''[[IDW Sonic the Hedgehog|StH]] #1''

-What portion of the page from the comic does the image encompass (part of the page, the whole page?)

Example: Part of the page

-Is the image in low resolution (after clicking the "full sized" button)

-Example: Yes

-What is the purpose of the image being uploaded and used on the website?

Example: To depict the character

-Is the image replaceable? (is there a better quality version available?)

Example: No

How to format

Simply insert the information required after the equal signs as shown in the example above:

{{Non-free use rationale