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Heavy Magician is a member of the Hard Boiled Heavies, an elite badnik squad created by a Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik (Classic) from the Classic dimension.



The Hard Boiled Heavy that became the heavy King was created alongside his squad by Dr. Eggman as a special group of elite badniks. [1]

At some point in the past, Dr. Eggman created the Hard Boiled Heavies to act as his elite Badniks. After a strange gem (the Phantom ruby) fell into Angel Island, Eggman sent the Heavies to investigate. Upon being exposed to gem's energy, they became more powerful and attempted to rebel against Dr. Eggman. Sonic eventually defeated them. Despite trying to usurp him, Eggman was not unswayed in using them again. [2]

Seasons of Chaos

Upon his reconstruction by Eggman, Heavy King took over the Doctor's robots in order to collecting the powerful chaos emeralds. He would then use the emeralds to rule the world, resurrect his squad and use them as his generals.

Dr. Eggman's Birthday




Dr Eggman

Dr. Eggman is Heavy King's creator and master.



Background Information

  • The Heavy King, along with his squad first debuted on Sonic Mania.


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