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Gemerl is a humanoid robot that lived with Cream the Rabbit and her mother, Vanilla in Floral Forest Village.


Previous history

Sonic recalls Gemerl's past history

At one point, Gemerl was programmed to serve Doctor Eggman, and that Sonic and co. had to fight him at Altar Emerald. After being defeated, he was reprogrammed by Tails to be good as well as serve as serving as a guardian of Cream the Rabbit.

Gemerl has since taken up residence in Floral Forest village, where Cream and her mother live.

Metal Virus crisis

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When Dr. Eggman deployed the metal virus onto Cream's home village, Sonic was attempting to help out Cream. However, Gemerl, informed Sonic that he was a threat to Cream's safety because of his infection. It was only after Cream convinced the robot that like the others infected, he was not a threat, but a "victim", as well as sternly telling Sonic to regress his infection.

After the evacuation of the surviving villagers, Gemerl, Cream and Vanilla accompanied the villagers into Resotration HQ for shelter. After Tails, then repaired Gemerl and stood guard to the entry to Amy's office at the HQ. After Sonic is led by Cream to Amy's office he denied him entry, again due to being infected. Cream then tells Gemerl off, saying that Amy wanted to see to Sonic and he has to be let in. Gemerl then stands by and lets Sonic enter.

For refugees from each village rescue, he was involved with scanning each of the various survivors upon entering the Restoration HQ for shelter. () It was only because Gemerl was distracted by arguing with Big that it failed to notice that someone infected slipped through. (Annual 2020: "Big's Big Adventure")

Post Metal Virus crisis


Gemerl's weaponry includes launching missiles. He also has the ability of flight.

He is able to perform scans on living beings, which came in handy because he was able to detect if a person was infected by the metal virus and how far they were infected.

Gemerl using his rockets



Being originally a machine serving Dr. Eggman, he was re-programmed to be Cream the Rabbit's protector, and is devoted to protecting Cream, even against her wishes. When he detected that Sonic showed infections by the metal virus, he sternly told him to leave unless he reduced his symptoms, against the wishes of cream.




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  • Gemerl first appeared in the game, Sonic Advance 3.