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Gardon was a male Koala from Blaze’s Dimension that served as a personal guard for Blaze the Cat.


Out of the Blue

In the Imperial Palace, Gardon went to Blaze to give her the evening security report, only to reveal that there was nothing to report and all was peaceful. Blaze was pleased with this news, saying that it may be his report for many nights to come. Just then, a crash was heard outside of the palace. When Blaze ran to investigate it, Gardon followed and warned her of the potential danger. Blaze replied saying that if it was something that threatened her in her own home, she would show it who was "dangerous". At the small crater of the crash site, Gardon and Blaze found none other than a passed out Sonic the Hedgehog.



Gardon wields a short sword with a yellow pommel and sword guard. His proficiency with it is unknown.


Blaze the Cat

As her bodyguard, Gardon is very loyal to Blaze, and often addressing her as "Your Highness" and "Princess" when in her presence.


  • Gardon appeared in the game, Sonic Adventure Rush.