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You may be referring to Gala the Hound, who is featured in Tangle and Whisper.

Gala was an unseen female who was featured as a phone caller in the 2020 annual, the darkest Night.


Metal Virus crisis

An individual calling the Sunset City radio station, also called Galah, was believed to be the same individual. She called the city's KBT local radio station during Nite the Owl's radio callback program, really concerned about how she was being followed (a precursor to becoming zombots).


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  • The character is named after the Gala apple, Evan's favourite type of apple. [1]
  • Similarly, in the 2020 Annual story, the Darkest Night, there was unseen caller who names herself as Gala. Darkest Night story. It is unknown if they are both one of the same.


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