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The Faceship is a massive space station-based aircraft created by Dr. Eggman. Named due to bearing a the resemblance to the crude depiction of Eggman's face. It was launched from inside the Final Egg and was used to distribute Eggman's Metal Virus



The Faceship's blueprints were discovered on the Eggnet by Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose in the Echo Mine until they were ambushed by Rough and Tumble, for Dr. Eggman's interest. The two skunks were eventually pushed down in a hole by Sonic, though he was infected by the Metal Virus in the action.

After Launch

Later, the Faceship set off powered by the seven Chaos Emeralds and distributed the Metal Virus on Windmill Village, Seaside City and Floral Forest Village.

Change of command and Destruction


As Amy describes from the schematics, the faceship bears same appearance as the Space Colony Ark, however, it was also stated to be smaller than the former.


  • Control room
  • Metal Virus factory
  • Hangar


  • The Faceship is exclusive to the IDW Sonic comic, but it bears some similarities to the Death Egg and Space Colony Ark.