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The Everhold Prison Warden was an anthropomorphic animal in charge of Everhold Prison. (IDW Bad Guys: #1)


Bad Guys

When Doctor Starline walks into his office , .Starline is greeted by what appears to be the warden inside a cell, yelling to be let out. The warden explains that it is Mimic, a shapeshifting assassin that was in debt to Eggman, betrayed his own team, framed Sonic for several crimes and many more offenses. The shapeshifter asks not to be sold short as he did not care if he approved of his work or not. In another cell, the warden introduces Rough and Tumble. He describes them as not very bright or skilled but they still manage to be trouble. According to him, they held two towns hostage and worked for Eggman just in one year.

Chao races and Badnik bases

The warden is seen among the others at White Park Grand Chateau, at the time Dr Starline used explosives to cause an avalanche to threaten the people inside the chateau.


He is an anthropomorphic dog that has a black suit with a red tie.



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