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Everhold Prison was a maximum security prison in Sonic's World that was used to hold various criminals. it was run by a Everhold Prison Warden. There are guards that act as security and are armed with Hover Wispons.


The overall prison, from above, resembles the shape of an accoustic guitar. The neck of the guitar served as a long hall to the larger portion of the guitar (which is where the prisoners are held.)


Tangle and Whisper

Tails the fox held the captured Mimic in his testing chamber in his workshop until the prisoner (still contained in his test chamber was transferred to this prison).

Everhold Prison guards.png

Out of the Blue

After Zavok was defeated, he was incarcerated at the prison.

After a cured Rough and Tumble were rescued from the pit in echo minds, they inevitably went to this prison for terrorizing Barricade Town.

Bad Guys


The overall prison is run by a Warden, who is in charge of the guards. The guards wear white armour complete with a helmet, and are armed with Hover wispons.



  • Like the island prison in Sonic X, theb prison building resembles an acoustic guitar.