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Espio the Chameleon is an anthropomorphic fuchsia chameleon and member of the Chaotix who serves as ninja and spy for the Chaotix Detective Agency.


The Search for Dr. Eggman

Espio avoiding E-106 Eta's detection.

After Dr. Eggman disappeared, the Chaotix Detective Agency started looking for the doctor to bring him to justice. After finding nothing in the ruins of Imperial City, the Chaotix found Orbot and Cubot and interrogated them. The two robots however did not know anything about the doctor's whereabouts. As his computer did not tell of any escape plans, the group searched in Eggman's other bases, including the one in Mystic Jungle. In one of the bases, Espio had to avoid the detection of E-106 Eta. Eventually, the Chaotix received an anonymous tip (that was later revealed to be from Rouge the Bat) on the whereabouts of Dr. Eggman. The group finally found Eggman in a village, but it seemed that he was suffering from amnesia. He became a productive person for the residents, gaining the name of "Mr. Tinker", and he didn't remember anything about his past evil deeds. Unsure of what to do with Eggman, the Chaotix had a new dilemma: whether or not it was right to punish Eggman for his past crimes. (StH: #5)

Espio and Sonic facing off against Antons.

Espio was sent to bring Sonic to the village, so he could help the Chaotix to solve the problem. Along the way, the two encountered Anton and Hoverby Badniks and defeated them. After Sonic got a look at the amnesiac Eggman, the blue blur started talking with Vector and the head of the village about what to do with him until a Badnik horde consisting of more Antons, Hoverby, and one hiding Flapper approached the village. The Chaotix engaged the Badniks while Sonic confronted Eggman. Soon after Sonic joined the Chaotix to clear the area, though, he informed his friends that Eggman was terrified by his own robots. With the group believing now that Eggman was indeed a changed man, Charmy annoyed Vector with how the crocodile had doubted Eggman's change of heart. Settling afterward on leaving Eggman to his new life, Vector got ready to depart with his friends when Shadow and Rouge showed up to eliminate Eggman. (StH: #5)

Espio and the Chaotix fail to stop Shadow.

When Sonic and Shadow began fighting, Espio and the Chaotix planned to help Sonic, only to see that they could not keep up with them. As a result, they turned their attention to Rouge. However, Rouge revealed that she was on their side. She informed them that Shadow was already looking for Eggman and would have hurt the Chaotix if they got in his way. As such, she gave the Chaotix the anonymous tip that led them to Eggman so they would have time to verify Eggman's situation and bring in Sonic before she "helped" Shadow find Eggman. Afterward, Espio and the Chaotix tried to stop Shadow from getting to Eggman, but failed. Fortunately, Shadow had been convinced by Sonic to talk to the amnesiac Eggman first. After Eggman showed Shadow that his "Eggman Land" was but an amusement park for children, Shadow and Rouge took their leave. (StH: #6)

Battle For Angel Island

Eventually, Espio and his teammates were called to Resistance HQ where they and the Resistance's other allies were informed that the Resistance needed their help to liberate Angel Island, which had been conquered by Neo Metal Sonic and turned into a flying fortress. In addition, Neo had also secured the Master Emerald for himself on the island. Eventually, Espio was assigned to help two of the assembled group's factions with breaking the Egg Fleet's control over Angel Island while Sonic and Knuckles the Echidna confronted Neo Metal Sonic. (StH: #9)

On the way to Angel Island, Espio spent time playing cards. As soon as their ship approached Angel Island, the Egg Fleet shot it down. Fortunately, Espio and his allies got off the ship before it crashed. Landing on Angel Island, Espio and his team were instructed to do their thing and began battling the Egg Pawns on the island. Eventually, Espio and his team began focusing on destroying the right wing unit that had been attached to Angel Island, but they were unable to make much progress until Tails hijacked an Egg Fleet battleship and began bombarding the wing unit with it. As the wing unit fell apart, Espio was carried to the battleship that Tails had secured by Charmy. When Master Overlord (Neo Metal Sonic further transformed) attacked the battleship, Espio joined his allies in a midair assault on Master Overlord, who they forced closer to Angel Island, which itself was in free fall due to the absence of the Master Emerald, while Knuckles focused on removing the Master Emerald from Master Overlord's body. During the battle, Espio got shaken off Master Overlord, but was rescued by Silver the Hedgehog with his psychokinesis. Knuckles subsequently got the Master Emerald away from Master Overlord and brought it back to Angel Island, returning the island to the sky while Master Overlord powered down to his normal Metal Sonic form. With the battle over, Espio was brought down on Angel Island where he took a break alongside his teammates. (StH: #9, #10, #11)

As everyone got ready to leave Angel Island onboard a repaired Egg Fleet battleship, Espio and his team went to see Amy Rose to collect their payment for their services, which included finding Dr. Eggman, uncovering the identity of the doctor's impersonator, and helping bring down Metal Sonic, with Espio insisting that their reward should be substantial. Being unprepared for the request, Amy tried insisting that being part of the Resistance was its own reward. (StH: #12)


Espio the Chameleon

Espio is a purple chameleon. He has a yellow horn between his two golden eyes, a ridge of three black scales going down his spine, and a coiled tail.He wears dark purple and black shoes with cuffs, white gloves with purple on the back of them, and studded bands around his wrists and ankles.


Espio's sense of justice.

Espio's demeanor is serious and disciplined, and he possesses a distinct sense of wariness. He is also intelligent, wise, and soulful. As he has an excellent drive to all that he does, he is always thorough with his assignments. Additionally, he has a no-nonsense attitude and possesses a bit of an ego, which makes him elaborate on stories about his work that go nowhere in order to make his listeners understand how hard he has been working. He is also reluctant to admit his shortcomings. Espio also has a burning sense of justice, seen when he initially wanted Eggman to pay for his crimes when the doctor forgot all about his past wrongdoings.


As a chameleon, Espio is able to change his color scheme to match his environment, effectively camouflaging to the point of appearing invisible. He is also a skilled ninja, which compliments his abilities to stealthily appear invisible as well as climb along any surface and stick to it. Espio is also proficient with various ninja-based weapon, specifically kunai and shuriken stars, in which he can even hit his target without looking at them. He can also attach rope on his kunai in order to use it as a grappling hook to swing around.

Espio has also been shown to be capable of driving, including the Beat Monster.




Background Information

  • Head writer Ian Flynn has revealed on Twitter that Espio's measurements are the same as those of his game counterpart.