Elder Scruffy is the head of the Windmill Village.


Saving an Amnesiac Eggman

Scruffy and Tinker

Elder Scruffy and Mr. Tinker enjoying a meal together along with some others.

When an amnesiac Dr. Eggman one day appeared in Windmill Village, he was immediately locked up. Elder Scruffy found the next day that he had broken out of his cell only to reinforce it. After confirming that Eggman had truly forgotten his old villainous ways and was now a changed man, the village nursed his wounds and took him in. He even joined Elder Scruffy and others for at least one meal. In return, Eggman repaid their kindness tenfold. He repaired anything they brought him from the smallest, most delicate work to the largest, most grueling efforts. This seemingly included at least one windmill that Elder Scruffy and Eggman celebrated once it was ready. (StH: #5)

Tinker and Town

Sonic, the Chaotix, Mr. Tinker, and the villagers enjoying a laugh.

When the Chaotix of the Chaotix Detective Agency appeared and realized the situation, they lead Sonic the Hedgehog to the village to decide what to do. Elder Scruffy weighed in on the subject, explaining how the Dr. Eggman turned Mr. Tinker came to be and finished by adding that he would rather see this new Eggman do some good for others instead of rotting in a cell and do nothing. Just then, Badniks including Anton, Hoverbys, and a Flapper began approaching the town, and Sonic, who suspected the Badniks were here for Eggman, shot Elder Scruffy, who could only give an awkward smile, a dirty look. Fortunately, Eggman was proven innocent, and Elder Scruffy saw Sonic make peace with Eggman, whom the hedgehog allowed to remain in Windmill Village. (StH: #5)


Elder Scruffy is a wise and polite man who priorities his village over himself. He is also extremely compassionate and willing to forgive and forget. Noticeably, he wanted Dr. Eggman to be free to do some good after the doctor had lost his memory and became a reformed man that would help out Windmill Village in wonderous ways in spite of having heard stories of the doctor's horrendous acts that he could hardly imagine.


Elder Scruffy is a heavyset anthropomorphic goat with gray fur, pink skin and blue eyes. He possesses thick eyebrows with dark gray fur around his eyes, a wide black nose, and dark gray horns that curve to the side and back. He also has extra long fur beneath his chin in the form of a thick beard and medium-long sideway ears. For attire, Elder Scruffy wears a purple sweater, a green jacket, fingerless black gloves and black shoes with golden buckles on them. He also carries around a wooden cane.

Background Information

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