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Eggman Land is a personal theme park built by Dr. Eggman.


The Terrifying Theme Park

At least one previous incarnation of Eggman Land was known to have existed at some point in the past, which was where Sonic battled Eggman in his Egg Dragoon mech. (StH: #5)

A Friendly Indoor Amusement Park

Mr. Tinker's Eggman Land.

Dr. Eggman, while amnesiac and living in Windmill Village under the kindly personality of “Mr. Tinker”, told Sonic the Hedgehog that he would like to show him the completed Eggman Land should he come back to visit, leading Sonic to question whether Eggman’s amnesia truly was an act. Having heard Eggman mention Eggman Land as well, Shadow the Hedgehog tried to destroy Eggman to keep Eggman Land from menacing the world once again until Sonic intervened and got him to go about this peacefully. Shadow thus had Eggman show him his Eggman Land, which was an indoor amusement park he had made for children and named after a word he remembered, clearing him of all suspicions. (StH: #5, #6)

Metal Virus aftermath

It was believed that after the post-metal virus crisis, Eggmanland, as well as the other cotnributions by Mr. Tinker were dismantled and scrapped. (#44)

Background Information

  • Eggman Land is based on the location, Eggmanland, which first appeared in the game Sonic Unleashed. Eggman had previously intended to build such a location at several points before Unleashed, such as in Sonic Adventure (where it was referred to as “Robotnik Land” in the English version).
    • A location of the same name also appeared in the animated Sonic the Hedgehog OVA (known as “Robotropolis” in the English dub).