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You may be referring to the one in the Classic Sonic's World counterpart.

The Eggman Empire is a political body and totalitarian regime ruled by Dr. Eggman that seeks to lay claim to the entire planet.



After the capture and imprisonment of Sonic the Hedgehog. The Eggman Empire rose to power by laying siege to most of the world's cities and terrorizing all those who refuse to surrender or submit to its rule. However, a resistance soon formed to bring down the empire's regime and managed to free Sonic from his incarceration. The Eggman Empire then lost much of its territory following sabotage to its major strongholds before Eggman's army confronted the Resistance for a final battle. In the end, Dr. Eggman and a majority of his forces vanished after the destruction of Eggman's mech, leaving the rest of the empire in disarray.

Armed forces and enforcers

Foot soldiers




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