Egg Pawns surround Sonic

Egg Pawns wielding Egg Spears surround Sonic.

Egg Spears were lance-like weapons that were commonly utilized by the robotic Egg Pawns of the Eggman Empire.


Usage Aboard the Egg Fleet

Egg Spear breaks Cannon

Sonic destroys an artillery cannon with an Egg Spear.

When Sonic snuck onboard a battleship of the Egg Fleet, he was found by Neo Metal Sonic, who commanded a number of Egg Pawns to attack Sonic. A number of these possessed Egg Spears and surrounded Sonic, but Sonic managed to disarm one of them and use its Egg Spear to spin around with it in hand, defeating the Egg Pawns surrounding him. He then threw it at a nearby artillery cannon and obliterated it. (IDW Sonic the Hedgehog: #7)

The Battle for Angel Island

Later, the Egg Spears would be wielded by the Egg Pawns guarding Angel Island, although that did little to stop the Resistance and their allies when they came to liberate Angel Island. (IDW Sonic the Hedgehog: #9, #10)


The Egg Spear resembles a stereotypical lance more than a spear, but very long by comparison, being easily over twice the height of an Egg Pawn in length. It has a cone-shaped head that is white and orange, and the sharp tip is orange. It also has a large, thick, and round orange vamplate as well as a thin orange and black grip.

Background Information

  • The Egg Spear was based on the weapon of the same name in the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series where it first appeared in Sonic Heroes]. It was unnamed in the comic, but its name is considered tier 2 canon by this site's canon policy, as it does not contradict already established canon from tier 1.
  • The Egg Pawns, who use the Egg Spears, made their debut appearance together in the same game.
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