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The Egg Booster was a racing vehicle used by Dr. Eggman during Dodon Pa's racing tournament. The cockpit resmebled Dr. Eggman's conventional Egg-o-matic machine.


Dr Eggman enters the racing competition in his Egg Booster against Team Dark (TSR one-shot), Team Sonic, Team Rose and Team Vector. Further into the race, he was still fighting for the lead with the members of Team Sonic and Team Dark.

After requesting some help due to not having his own team, Dodon Pa gave him a few wisps including an ivory wisp and cyan wisp. With that unfair advantage he was able to get ahead of all the racers except for Sonic and Shadow, who were way ahead.

Unfortunately for the Doctor, Tails organized a truce with the other racers, including Team Vector and Team Rose, who had just caught up putting their rivalry aside to take down Eggman. With each driver acquiring a different wisp power up, they surrounded Eggman's Egg Booster and used their wisps to wreck his car, effectively wrecking it and taking Eggman out of the race.


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In the video game, it was revealed that Dr. Eggman created the vehicle himself, unlike most of the other racers who were supplied their cars from Dodon Pa.