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E-107 Theta was a robot created by Dr. Eggman.


Guarding an Eggman Base

The encounter with E-107 Theta.

E-107 Theta was stationed inside the computer room in one of Dr. Eggman's pyramid bases alongside a horde of Spinas. It encountered Sonic, Silver and Whisper when they broke into the room in which it was stationed. While Theta attacked the intruders, it was protected by the Spinas who kept the heroes occupied. When Whisper shot Theta with her Variable Wispon, it retaliated swiftly, but before Theta could kill Whisper, Silver blocked its missiles. Sonic then moved in and attacked Theta with a swift assault, destroying it and releasing the Picky that powered it. (StH: #8)

Theta destroyed, his Picky liberated


E-107 Theta resembles a large, stationary gun turret/tower hybrid that rests on top of a high-tech pillar. The majority of its body consists of two thick disk-like platforms that are colored columbia blue and white and are stacked on top of one another. Its bottom platform is wider than its top platform, and around its perimeter it has yellow rocket turrets. Its lower platform also has recesses along its edge that glow orange, while its top platform has gray miniature turrets along its edge. It also has several gray pipes connected to its lower platform section (all of which are bent downward) and circular patterns around it. It also has a small and yellow platform-like head with a black face and orange eyes. Lastly, it has "Θ" written on its front.


E-107 Theta retaliates against Whisper immediately.

E-107 Theta is silent and menacing. It is quick to retaliate and is quite ruthless, being perfectly willing to attack its foes, even when they have no way to defend themselves.


Although it seemingly has no way of moving around, E-107 Theta is a powerhouse. It is capable of firing missiles, which pack enough power to incinerate a Badnik, quite accurately. It is also rather durable, as a Cyan Wisp-derived laser shot to its head caused little more than superficial damage.

Background Information

  • Theta’s title implies that it is a part of the E-100 series first seen in Sonic Adventure, but this has yet to be confirmed.
  • Theta physically resembles E-105 "Zeta", one of its supposed predecessors, also introduced in Sonic Adventure.
  • Theta’s existence was first alluded to in the Archie Comics continuity, where it was first confirmed to exist through an entry on Archie's official Sonic comic blog along with other previously-unheard of robots in the E-100 series, and it would later be name-dropped in the comic itself. Theta never made a physical appearance during the comic's run, however.
    • This technically makes Theta the first Archie Sonic-created character to be introduced to the IDW Sonic continuity.