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The Diamond Cutters were a group of mercenaries of which Whisper the Wolf and Mimic were a part of, and only surviving members of the group. When the group was still active, they made use of their base.


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The Diamond Cutters were formed as an anti-Eggman Empire group.

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The current state of the headquarters of the Diamond Cutters


Only Mimic as well Whisper the Wolf and the group's wisps are the only part of the group left, although Mimic works for Dr. Eggman.





Background information

Diamond Cutter design sheet.jpg
  • Mimic is the only non-vertebrate animal member of the group, while the rest are mammals.
  • The group seems to be a reference to FOXHOUND, the black ops unit that made up the antagonists of the original Metal Gear Solid game.
  • Other references to the Metal Gear Solid series could be the group's name as the Diamond Dogs are another group from the series and they were also based on an abandoned plant with a similar design to the Diamond Cutters' base.