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Cubot is a robot built by Dr. Eggman and one of the Doctor's aide robots.



After Dr. Eggman disappeared following the war between the Resistance and the Eggman Empire, Cubot welcomed Neo Metal Sonic as the new head of the Eggman Empire until further notice. (StH: #7)

Cubot and Orbot discovered by the Chaotix.

At some point after Dr. Eggman disappeared, Cubot and Orbot were later discovered in Eggman's last known lab by the Chaotix of the Chaotix Detective Agency, who were tracking Eggman. Although the two robots were cooperative when the Chaotix interrogated them, they knew nothing about Eggman's whereabouts. (StH: #5)

Serving a New Boss

Cubot behind Orbot, who is speaking with Neo Metal Sonic.

In a secret base, Cubot and Orbot met up with Neo Metal Sonic, who was currently controlling the Badnik hordes. There, Orbot revealed in his report that Sonic the Hedgehog was heading towards Rough and Tumble, two skunks who terrified Cubot. (StH: #2)

Some time after, Cubot was cleaning up the base when Neo Metal Sonic decided to move onto the next phase of his plan. (StH: #6)

Battle for Angel Island

Out of the Blue

Test Run


Cubot is a diminutive robot, but slightly taller than Orbot. He has a black square head with a flatten, yet wider yellow square cap on top and a larger black square on the bottom, the latter which resembles a jaw. His jaw can separate from his head to reveal a light blue cover resembling a mouth. He also has two grey-framed and pupil-less light blue eyes. His chest consists of a smaller yellow cube and he has yellow gloves for hands. His arms and back consist each of two thin grey bars that are joined by a black and yellow ball joint. His lower body is a black open cube with a grey inside and a ball joint connecting it to his back.


Unlike many of Eggman's robots, Orbot is not a mindless drone. Described as a "dumb bot", Cubot is not especially bright. As such, he tends to do rather dim-witted things, like getting easily rattled by terrifying subjects or playing with an enemy.


Cubot does not possess any abilities aside from levitating and possessing intelligence. He aids Dr. Eggman in his plans. He also has skills in cleaning. He has the ability to retract his body into a travel sized cube.


Dr. Eggman

Dr. Eggman is Cubot's boss and creator.



Background Information

  • Head writer Ian Flynn has revealed on Twitter that Cubot's measurements are the same as those of his game counterpart.