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The Clutch is an anthropomorphic opossum who is an expert Chao trainer and the reigning champion of White Park Chao Racing Circuit. He is also known to be a collector of technology, including Eggman tech, which he is known to use for doing trading with others. (IDW Sonic the Hedgehog #33)



Clutch had made a name for himself as the reigning champion of the White Park Chao Racing Circuit. He managed to accumulate a large amount of riches and technology that he stored in his penthouse suite in the White Park Grand Chateau. Over time, Clutch made another reputation for himself on the underground market, known for making the odd secret trade every now and again. He also became a great Chao trainer but did not treat Chao that did not win races for him too kindly.

Chao Races and Badnik Bases

Eventually, Clutch participated in another race in the White Park Chao Racing Circuit with his Dark Chao. He boasted and celebrated with it after it had qualified for the grand Prix that would take place the following day. Clutch had also taken the notice of one particular Chao, Cheese, and introduced himself to the owner of him, "Facet". Seeing through her lie, he invited "Facet" to his penthouse suite so that they could discuss shop.

When "Facet" arrived, Clutch told her that he knew she was really Rouge the Bat, saying that their meeting was inevitable. He proposed a deal for Rouge; if Cheese managed to come out on top in the following day's race, he would provide her with anything she wanted from his collection. However, Rouge would have to trade Cheese himself as well. Rouge told him that she would think it over and left.[3] The next day, Clutch joined more Chao Races with his Dark Chao, who was beaten by Cheese in the final race. As the race was wrapped up, Clutch sent Rouge a glare.

Later, he met with Rouge and her friends in his suite, mocking them and provoking Gemerl. He also assured them that despite appearances, he was not defenseless. Rouge then made Cream and Cheese come to him, and Clutch realized that the Chao was actually Cream's. As he praised Rouge for her cunning though, he heard Rouge utter what sounded like a codeword to execute some kind of plan. Though surprised by this, Clutch calmed down when nothing seemed to happen. Immediately after, however, he was knocked out by Shadow.

Amy, Cream, and Rouge then discovered the cage in which Clutch kept his Chao. The heroes thus decided to free the Chao and guard the unconscious Clutch.[2] In truth however, Clutch only pretended to be unconscious. When only Amy, Cream, Cheese, Gemerl ,and Belle were left in his suite he managed to sneak away and fire a warning shot at Amy with his cane. He then activated the Badnik guards in his apartment, before leaving the heroes to their apparent doom.


Clutch is a highly composed individual. He loves participating in Chao Races and takes great pride in his status as a champion. However, he admits himself that he only treats his Chao well when they bring him victories. He is also quite sly in his mannerisms and is not truly afraid of interacting with anyone.[3] However, he is also a real scumbag when it comes to caring for Chao; while he treats Chao that win fosr him well, he will remorselessly lock those up that let him down even just once.[2]

Clutch is highly intelligent and perceptive, having accurately seem through Rouge's attempts to disguise her identitytand intentions, correctly guessed who Cheese's real trainer was after seeing her for the first time, and identified a seemingly random codeword after hearing it just once


As an opossum, Clutch is skilled at feigning unconsciousness. In fact, he was even able to make Gemerl believe he was uncouncious, in spite of the robot's various sensors and scanning capabilities.[4] He is also a good marksman, capable of firing an accurate warning shot at Amy with his laser gun.

Clutch is a skilled Chao trainer and believes he can train the most promising ones into legends. A testament to his skills is the huge collection of various treasures he has accumulated in his apartment via Chao Races.


Clutch's main weapon is his cane, which conceals a hidden laser gun. His diamond cufflinks can also be used as switches to activate his Badnik guards




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