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For the more modern version which has been covered in the main Sonic the hedgehog comic series, see Sonic's World.
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Classic Sonic's World is the classic version of modern Sonic's planet.



Like in the modern incarnation, that world's Sonic is a hedgehog who fights against his counterpart to Dr. Eggman and his badniks.

The events of Sonic Mania and Sonic Mania Adventure have occured.[1]

Search for the Chaos emeralds

Sonic, Tails and Amy began searching and collecting Chaos emeralds after hearing that someone was after the emeralds again.

Sonic Learns to Drive

After hearing that the prize for the Mr. Munch-Um's derby was a life-time supply of Chilli dogs, Sonic began a driving course.

Eggman's birthday

Amy's New Hobby







  • Everything based on the classic world is based on the video games version, which has been separated from the newer games and given its own universe. It covers the older sonic games, as well as the recent Sonic Mania.